What does 100% organic mean and what is OK’s relationship with organic food?

We KRUSH organic food! Organic Krush is committed to serving a 100% organic food selection. All of our dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, grains and oils are certified organic, which is defined as (from the USDA):

  • Preserving natural resources and biodiversity
  • Supporting animal health and welfare
  • Providing access to the outdoors so that animals can exercise their natural behaviors
  • Only using approved materials
  • Not using genetically modified ingredients
  • Receiving annual onsite inspections
  • Separating organic food from non-organic food
Do you deliver?

Yes, for catering orders, juice cleanses and orders totaling $50 or more.

Do you have options for vegans?

Yes, veganism—a lifestyle diet in which no dairy, meat, eggs, or fish is consumed—is a diet we can accommodate. We have salads, rice and quinoa bowls, tofu and an incredible selections of fruit and vegetables served raw, roasted, grilled, juiced and Krushed! We have nuts, seeds and a vegan protein powder by Garden of Life.

Do you serve meat?

Yes, we serve hormone-free, vegetarian-fed chicken, grass-fed steak (grass-finished when our distributor carries it), Niman Ranch bacon (nitrate-free, hormone-free and antibiotic-free) and pasture-raised turkey (for a very happy Thanksgiving!).

Are you a gluten-free (GF) kitchen?

No, we are not a dedicated GF facility. We do have a staff member with celiac disease and she eats most of our dishes as we choose to use GF ingredients as often as possible. For example, our steak marinade is made with GF tamari and our baked goods are made with GF flour. We carry GF tortillas and GF oats.

What is GMO?

Genetically Modified Organisms are food crops that have been engineered in a lab to receive the DNA of an unrelated plant or animal. This DNA can come from a bacteria, virus, insect, animal or human. Once accomplished in the lab setting, the crops (seeds) are produced en masse and then planted in nature. For example, most soybean plants in our country have had an herbicide inserted into their genetic make up, which allows the soybean plant to resist Round Up ready weed killer when the plant is sprayed. Another example is inserting a tomato with the gene from arctic char fish. Fish do not freeze in winter therefore if the gene is inserted in the tomato, scientists can produce tomatoes that do not freeze in the winter.

Where does Organic Krush stand on the practice of genetic modification?

We are worried about the practice of genetic modification. It is highly unpredictable and imprecise. We believe it changes a food’s innate value as well as burdens the body with pesticides and confusing, unnatural genetic components. We also believe GMOs have been the #1 leading factor in regards to the sharp growth in allergies and autoimmune diseases that our children (and adults) are facing in our country. We donate $50/month towards the GMO-labeling fund. Personally, WE have also been involved in You Tube video production and a feature length film that raises awareness about the dangers of GMOs.

Do you use local farms?

We have started the exciting process of working with local farms. Our first partner is East End Apiaries. We have adopted a beehive and we use the honey in our baked goods, lemonade and iced teas as well as for retail purposes.

What is the difference between cold-pressed juice and other juicing?

Cold-pressed juice is a form of juicing that uses a slow grind to extract the juice, as opposed to high-speed friction which introduces a level of heat to the fruit and vegetables. Heat destroys nutrients and results in a less nutritionally powerful juice. We use an x-1 cold-pressed juicer to create our juicers. We do not use High Press Pasturization (HPP), a high pressure press that destroys certain bacteria, therefore allowing for longer shelf life.

What is a juice cleanse?

Juice cleanses are often used as part of a healthy lifestyle commitment. They are often done at the start of each new season or when there is extreme fatigue, stress or certain physical or digestive ailments. During a juice cleanse, a participant only consumes vegetable and fruit juices, which gives their organs a break from the tedious job of digestion. It’s extremely important that the juices be 100% organic and cold-pressed in order to flush your system with high quality nutrients. Some juice cleanses contain a small vegetarian meal, others are just juice. At Organic Krush we run 1-day, 3-day, 5-day and 15-day cleanses. See our Juice Cleanse section for more information.

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