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10 Wellness Tips from Dr. Robert Graham

A cold and rainy fall evening didn’t stop our customers from coming to listen to Dr. Robert Graham, Co-Founder of FRESH Medicine. We all got cozy with a glass of wine and chop salad to hear from the doctor & chef himself, what we truly prescribe to (and part of what Organic Krush is all about): “food as medicine.”

Dr. Graham flooded us with facts that are truly jaw-dropping, and inspiring for making life changes. Our advice is to start where you are most comfortable, which will look a little different for everyone. There is no singular way to do things, but incorporating a little or a lot of the tips and information below will go a long way for your gut, brain, heart, body & mind!

  1. To treat his patients, Dr. Graham starts with food, then supplements, and lastly, medication. 
  2. The word restaurant comes from the word restore. Initially restaurants were built to restore people as they traveled from place to place. We are here to bring back restaurants as a place of wellness!
  3. Read closely here: When food is NO good, medicine is of NO use; When food is GOOD, medicine is of NO use.
  4. Adding a 3% increase of plants into your diet, decreases mortality by 10%.
  5. Eat your smallest meal of the day in the late afternoon or evening because it allows your gut and brain connection to thrive.
  6. The gut is called the second brain. What you experience in your gut, you will experience in your body.
  7. A Japanese principal of eating to adopt is called “Hara hachi bu,” and means to eat only until you are 80% full.
  8. Your body does not have a processing machine inside it. This is why as humans, we cannot handle processed foods without disrupting our gut lining.
  9. F.R.E.S.H stands for: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep, Happiness. Words to live by!
  10. To have a healthy life you must create routines that allow for all of the above.

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