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2022 Is The Year of Juicing!

Start the year off with a juice clean to benefit your immunity and your wellbeing.

Juicing has been around for quite a while now. Although it only became “trendy” recently, the benefits of juicing have been studied and experienced for over 50 years (remember Jay Kordich?) We are not about health trends and diets, we are all about lifestyle, and juice really has become a part of our daily lives. 

In order to reap the maximum benefits of juice, it is important to drink it on an empty stomach. This allows the absorption of vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream to be most effective. It is also important that your juices are organic and cold-pressed. Cold pressing vegetables and fruits is a style of juicing that allow whole pieces of produce to be “krushed” into liquid while minimizing nutrient and good bacteria destruction, as there is no heat (pasteurization) involved. 

Endless produce combinations make juice a year-round affair for us. We emphasize using seasonal produce, not only because it is the most fresh and delicious, but also because of the health benefits of seasonal nutrients. Not to mention, there is something about the color of a juice that excites us. There’s no question that there is a link between vision and our digestive system. Think about it simply: if something looks unappetizing but ends up tasting delicious, you still won’t enjoy it as much as the same dish prepared beautifully. Vibrant beet juice or crisp green celery juice in a clear glass are some of the most beautiful, awakening sights, especially first thing in the morning. 

Organic-Krush-cold Press Green Juice

Our favorite juices during these cold winter months are the greenest juices we can get our hands-on, like the Krush Truly Green. Pounds of cold-pressed cucumber, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon. Spinach and kale are two of the most vitamin D-rich vegetables, a nutrient that we often lack during the winter and we are deprived of sunlight. We also find ourselves grabbing multiple Immunity and Wellness shots every week. Both are filled with ingredients like citrus, ginger, cayenne, and garlic. They are incredibly immunity-boosting and our favorite thing to sip on mixed with hot water throughout the day.

When we opened our first Organic Krush location, we were blown away by how popular our juices were. To this day we have customers that come to Krush weekly for their six-pack of juices for the week. There is just no denying the beauty of an organic, cold-pressed juice! 

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