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Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall Routines

There’s no one who is more sad about the end of summer than us; we love the salty ocean, backyard bbqs and patio sunsets at Krush! However, there’s something about the opportunities for routine and consistency in autumn that brings us joy.  

Here’s 3 ways we jump right in to healthy habits at this time of year!

1. A week of focused clean eating, via a meal plan or cleanse
We received so many requests last week from friends and family to help them get back on track. We love our 3 day juice cleanses because they are efficient, and most importantly teach the power of hydration and greens in your daily life. Did you know greens actually change your blood chemistry and offer life boosting benefits? These juice cleanses are hard core, and are meant for people who are ready to commit to lifestyle changes. 

Along with juice cleanses, we are love our meal plans, both vegan and pescatarian versions. The aspect that resonates most with us is the concept of low body burden. In order to master your health, you want to keep a very low body burden, meaning consuming foods and drinks that don’t weigh you down with toxic ingredients like pesticides and GMO’s. A week of focused clean eating can have a dramatic impact on your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle! 

2. Hydration
Plan your hydration! Our secret: For every cold pressed juice we drink, we save the glass bottles, run them through our dishwasher and then fill them with filtered water. This way we have 12 or 15 bottles of water in our fridge at all times so when we are on the go, we can grab a couple of those bottles to bring with us everywhere. Another tip is to fill a big pitcher of water each morning, add in some lemon or orange slices and fresh herbs or spices like cardamom or cinnamon (which helps cut sugar cravings!). Fresh herbs add calming properties, and the citrus adds extra boosts of vitamin C.

3. Take care of your stress levels
Adrenal fatigue is a very real syndrome, and stress burdens your body. There are so many self help tools, and the one we feel attached to is called Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique. By tapping on trigger points on your head, face and neck, you can actually lower your stress and anxiety levels. It’s amazing when you take two or three minutes to care for yourself daily, it can have an immediate profound impact. The app makes it so easy, and there are selections within the app for quieting your mind, and for releasing anxiety and fear (not only for ourselves, but for our children, who are really feeling the stress of the world these days).

We always approach health from a balanced perspective. Food is particularly important to us because it drives how well we feel on a daily basis. When the food we choose nourishes and heals us ~ instead of hurts ~ we are empowered to do so much more with ourselves.  

Let us know how we can help, it’s our favorite part of this restaurant business, offering coaching and inspiration for living a life that feels amazing!

Cheers to Fall Routines!
Fran and Michelle 


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