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3 Spring Foods We Can’t Get Enough Of

Now that we are full time spring with our new seasonal daily specials on the menu for you to savor, we want to highlight a few of our fav foods this time of the year that are growing around us! 

In honor of spring growing, we also heard it’s National Gardening Day, and we could never let that pass. Check out an awesome resource we have on our blog, from Gardener Extraordinaire, Erin Walrath of @aventine_gardens: “Growing Doesn’t Have to Be Fancy or Complicated”, if you’re in need of any tips to get your green thumb going.

Speaking of green, Asparagus is at the top of our list for spring foods we are krushing on. High in fiber and antioxidants, this delicate and delicious veggie can be found in our Thursday Daily Special: Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pesto Gnocchi with Asparagus & Tomatoes. Don’t miss these pillowy bites of herbaceous goodness.

Another spring green craving: Sugar Snap Peas (and all other peas)! They make the perfect seasonal addition to salads, stir fries and sautés. Rich in vitamin K, which helps to keep our bones strong, we’re loving the sugar snap peas in the Wednesday Veggie Sauté also featuring broccoli, bell pepper, zucchini & basil. Add a piece of pan-seared organic salmon, and call it dinner!

Next up, Strawberries. Offering a huge dose of Vitamin C, we put strawberries in everything: Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Oatmeals, Salads, and best of all, Juice! Have you tried our Cold Pressed Strawberry Lemonade yet? A refreshing and naturally sweetened with honey beverage, it pairs perfectly with bubbly for brunch, or gulped down in the sun at the beach.

Let us know which new menu additions you are loving…you may even have a new go to order! 🙂

To Spring Growing 
Fran & Michelle

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