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We never get tired of reading the health wisdom from Dr Mark Hyman; he breaks down information in such a simple and inspirational form. We have found over the years that the most effective way to commit to a healthy lifestyle is by keeping the steps simple. 

Here are our 5 SIMPLE suggestions for building a strong gut and immune system this school year: 

1 – Into water bottles, add squeezes of flavorful oranges or lemons (this adds an abundance of vitamin C. Viruses can be combatted by hefty doses of vitamin C, and the hydration from water enhances your cell’s ability to do their immune boosting jobs.) Teach children to do this themselves…it’s empowering! Here’s a link to our favorite lemon squeezer of all time! 

2 – Into smoothies, add hemp seeds, coconut oil, ginger, or spinach. We love healthy omega 3 fatty acids for their ability to soothe the gut lining, therefore signaling to your nerve endings that you are A-OK. When your nerves feel good, you set yourself up for proper digestion. These healthy fats also boost brain power and reduce inflammation. The studies on omega 3s also mention the ability to stave off anxiety and depression. It makes sense to us, proper nutrition supports our children’s bodies in the hard work of growing and balances out the stress they are surrounded by. 

3 – On top of acai bowls, load with organic berries of all kinds. Berries are low in sugar and high in fiber…our dream food! It’s really important to eat organic berries because their skins are so thin, they absorb anything that is sprayed on them. Since berries tend to be expensive, at home we mostly buy frozen ones in bulk and use them just as we would the fresh berries: toppings for acai bowls, smoothies, oatmeals and sorbets.

4 – On top of oatmeals, add bananas because they equal balance and satiation. Bananas are one of those perfect foods, contributing prebiotics, hydration, and potassium which is one of the most needed minerals in our diet. One a day, or maybe even two for hungry growing children! 

5 – On dinner plates, add two greens such as broccoli, celery, edamame, kale salad, artichokes, asparagus, arugula, spinach. Sauté, chop, roast or blend, the possibilities are endless. We could talk about, and consume, greens upon greens for days and days. The power of greens is their fiber, their nutrient density and their gut-healing properties. When one of our own teenagers struggled with weeks-long heartburn and nausea, our functional medicine doctor prescribed this: abundance of greens, grass-fed butter, and the herb holy basil. Within a week, the two month long digestive problems were dissolved. 

Adding immune boosters each day adds up to a school year of great health! 

If this newsletter resonates with you, please share with friends and family, and reach out if we can help in any way! 

Cheers to an abundantly strong school year! 
Fran and Michelle 

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