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5 Ingredients for a Superhero Wellness Shot

Orange – Lemon – Turmeric – Ginger – Cayenne

This four ounce bottle of cold pressed ingredients packs a punch. Between the ginger kick, heat from cayenne and zing from lemon and orange, this is a superhero shot of wellness. 

Why we love:
Orange for vitamin C, which boosts immunity and lowers viral load
Lemon for promoting hydration and its alkalizing properties
Turmeric for its antioxidants and reducing inflammation
Ginger for reducing inflammation and helping with digestion
Cayenne for capsaicin, which is known for its immune boosting, metabolism boosting, anti-viral abilities

PRO TIP: If you have trouble getting the Wellness Shot down (we know it’s not easy!), we suggest trying our Wellness Tea. It has all the same wonderful ingredients with a topping of hot water and a touch of honey for a warming and delightful beverage. You can even make a homemade version

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