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A Gift Guide for Health & Happiness

At Organic Krush, we believe from the bottom of our hearts that it’s important to never ever ever give up on your journey to finding well being & happiness. We spend much of our time, researching, exploring and sharing science and data that promotes great health, for ourselves and all the people we love. We wanted to take a few minutes during this holiday craziness to suggest some gifts that might just help you find extraordinary health while gifting to others!

Our list looks a little different than most gift lists, as we choose to offer you ideas that have lifelong impact for your family and friends.

Functional Medicine Doctor Consultation: Is there any better time than now to focus on our health? The doctors below all use an integrative approach to healing and we can’t say enough good things about their comprehensive approach to wellness. Usually an initial consultation with a functional medicine doctor launches a lifetime of learning and new health practices.

Inner Source Health: Compassionate and insightful and life changing medicine!
Dr Robert Graham: Virtual appointments that offer an abundance of knowledge and deep rooted understanding of health issues with prescription for supplements and healing tools that change your life.
Naturally Sue: Virtual appointments available, everything from Lyme’s to thyroid issues to gut damage, Dr. Sue is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing coach.

Also, this site is incredible resourceful if you’re looking to find a functional medicine practitioner in your area.

Eco-Friendly Amazingness: Check out these eco conscious companies and know that your gift has a positive impact on our beautiful planet!

Rothy’s: Cute shoes and bags made from recycled plastic! So so comfortable if you’re on your feet all day like us! 
Marley’s Monsters Towels: These look adorable on the kitchen counter and eliminate the need for so many paper towels. The reason we detest paper towel excess is that too many trees are cut down every year for our paper needs.  
Surf Rider: Great t-shirts, hats and more made from recycled materials; all the cool kids (and adults) are part of the Surf Rider gear and mission :)!

Fitness: We love ourselves a great fitness class and a hard driving personal trainer! Check some of these ideas out for in-home training or fantastic online classes.

Gym Guyz: We know the founder of this company thrrough many a meal at OK, and we couldn’t be more amazed by his drive and passion for going after one’s goals. 
Mandala Yoga: This studio in the Hamptons has a wide array of offerings, soul-based teachers, and strong classes.
Gritty Buddha: This yoga studio adopted virtual early on and they have nailed their schedule and classes. Absolutely love the sweat in these classes! 
Absolute Yoga: A long island studio that has been around for years, their heart based yoga is needed by everyone, every single day!!!! 
Don Saladino: There is nothing like Don’s month long challenges and coaching/training app! He provides an amazing amount of detail via these virtual platforms! We work closely with Don (stay tuned for meal plan programs in the new year) and his authenticity makes him a true inspiration.

Local Farm or Pantry Donations: We love having a relationship with farms in our restaurant and home neighborhoods! Each of these sites offers something unique and special, and a donation in a family or friend’s name offers a gift that keeps on giving! Have you ever been a part of a CSA donation or a monthly contribution to a farm? Our connection to the local farmers and the local places that care for our communities is the #1 way to support health and well-being. 

Long Island, NY: Elija Farm
Short Pump, VA: FeedMore
Westport, CT: Wakeman Town Farm

Books that Inspire: Giving the gift of education is something we can get behind!

10,000 No‘s by Matthew Del Negro ~ a great read by our friend / actor, who inspirationally shares stories of grit, determination, exploration, and success. An amazing read for young people in our lives, as well as those of us going after our dreams! 

Beyond Labels – by Dr. Sina McCullough and Joel Salatin ~  learn what is truly happening behind the scenes; we did, and there’s a reason Organic Krush chose to be a rare 100% organic restaurant; we could not be more inspired by these two authors, who truly tell it as it is in the world of food. 

Little Book of Healthy Beauty ~ Dr Pina LoGiudice covers wellness from all areas in this incredibly inspirational read.

What better way to make a statement than to share gifts that impart a meaningful learning on someone’s health and happiness? In our family, we gift in themes…cooking, surfing, health, food (for example, hot sauce kits and subscriptions to Thrive Market ), yoga, etc…so using the below ideas to complement those themes is a really nice touch!

And of course Organic Krush gift cards make the perfect compliment to any health & wellness gesture. You can purchase online here or in stores!

From the bottom of our hearts we wish you so much health and happiness, 
Fran & Michelle

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