A Healthy Fourth of July!

Summer holidays can derail some of us from following our eating routines. That’s no problem, except if it makes you feel lousy! Here are some of the tips we stick with on holidays:

1- start the day with real hydration; 2 or 3 glasses of water literally the minute you roll out of bed. This will help you feel that you are on the right track. It pumps up your cells and lets them know you are supporting them! 

2- Now add a breakfast with fiber and healthy fats! Try a bright colored smoothie with a tablespoon of flax or coconut oil and a vegan protein powder. We love Garden of Life

3- get some type of exercise in! Pilates has been rocking our world, or a 30 min jog, or a spin class; pumping up your heart rate will set your metabolism for the day; Flex Pilates ~ in Woodbury or Chelsea ~has become one of our go-to classes! 

4- For lunch, let’s concentrate on vegetables and some lean protein.. The Kale detox salad or this Pad Thai salad will make you feel full, but won’t weigh you down! Now, look, its half way through the day and you are still doing great on this 4th of July party day! 

5- Are you still hydrating? Fruit infused water actually helps the water absorb better into your system. Throw some water, ice, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries into a clear glass for a beautiful, red, white and blue drink!

6- On to your BBQ? bring our homemade Broccoli veggie burgers ~Krush makes a killer one~ and spread the love!  You can still call us if you want to order a tray ! (We also have ribs, meatballs, giant salads, fresh fruit platters and gluten free bakery. ) https://organickrush.com/catering/

We also have a few other favorite veggie burgers. Chef Chloe makes a mean Mexicali burger and Skinny Taste blew our minds with the “Best Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger!” 

Typical July Fourth food consists of barbequed hot dogs, burgers and corn, sugary drinks and beer in red solo cups, and let’s not forget those Firecracker ice pops that melt down your arms before it reaches your mouth. If you are healthy all year round, but like to treat yourself to one of these delicious treats on this day of parties and fun, go right ahead. You are free to celebrate and eat in a way that makes you feel great, but these tricks will help you should you want to stick with your daily routine! Now go krush it and think of us while the fireworks are lighting up the sky!!