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A Menu for When Love Is in the Air

We’ve always been in love with delicious foods and this year it struck us that all the meals we are obsessing over are actually amazing for our hearts too! How might we be serving our loved ones this Valentine’s Weekend?

Upon setting a beautiful table (see gorgeous ideas here), we will be starting with a soup course. Our vegan Beet Detox Soup, full of crimson red beets and unsweetened coconut milk, is silky and delicious! When eaten regularly, beets are known to lower blood pressure due to their nitrates that improve your blood vessel dilation. Sometimes we top our beet soup with crunchy pumpkin seeds or coconut shreds to bring it to the next level!

For the salad course we’ll put together a beautiful version of our Chop Salad. With those heart healthy, high fiber chickpeas, dollops of organic feta, fresh tomatoes full of lycopene, and a made-from-scratch lemon herb dressing, this is a must. At home we often add in chunks of fresh red apple, and everyone at the table is thrilled!

Onto the main course – we waiver between our BBQ Salmon Family Dinner or our new Spicy Shrimp Diavolo. The seared shrimp over pasta with spicy marinara, zucchini, basil & parmesan is delectable. Who knew that health benefits of wild caught shrimp include that shrimp may help alleviate heart attacks and strokes? We love that these family dinners easily reheat in the oven and can then be served amongst the household!

For dessert, it would be nearly impossible to only choose one treat. We go for Chia Pudding with its heart healthy chia seeds (high fiber foods tend to win the award for heart health because fiber reduces blood pressure). Valentine’s Day requires chocolate of course, so split up a gluten-free decadent brownie and vegan chocolate zucchini muffin for over the top happiness!

We obsess over deliciousness + organic foods because organic offers a low body burden ~ thus a low heart burden ~ approach to eating. Keep your chemicals and toxins to a minimum and your heart will thank you!!!

Love is in the air, and our restaurants are buzzing with energy! We hope to see you this lovely Holiday weekend!

With much love,
Fran and Michelle

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