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A Note from Fran & Michelle

Hello Krush Enthusiasts!

Every new year we get excited to plan new ideas as to how to organize our days and weeks with healthy and fun as the main motivators. There are a few “rules” we follow that guide our decision making!

1. The food we keep in our homes is free of chemicals, pesticides and GMOs. It is much easier to keep your body burden light and your health happy when your fridge and pantry are stocked with high quality ingredients!

2. Do you keep a big fruit bowl on your counter? It’s a #1 idea in our house! It becomes the first thing kids (and ourselves) grab when they are hungry…a clementine, a banana, an apple…organic fruit and veggies matter when it comes to keeping ourselves deeply nourished. Not only is the nutrition content higher in an organic apple than a conventional apple, but keeping pesticides out of our digestive tracts is critical to lifelong health. Children are even more affected by pesticides and GMOs than adults so prioritizing pesticide and GMO free intake for them is essential.

3. The kids must be involved in the shopping and preparing; whether placing online orders or going to the grocery store, the kids help organize the lists and get food in our home. We love Thrive Market, Butcher Box, and Krush Groceries (email here to see what groceries we have available!) to keep our homes stocked on a weekly basis. There are about 50 core ingredients that we use every week (freezer meats, dairy /non dairy milk, fruits and vegetables) so why not get them delivered on a regular basis! Keeps the mental checklist from getting overwhelmed when you have a recurring delivery! If you missed it this year, our kids also help us cook. This grill video was our #1 insta TV of the year.

4. Weeknight recipe planning: Meatless Mondays and Taco Tuesdays have guided our dinner selection for years and years! It helps to have a theme, that way when we see a recipe we like, we can add it to the rotation. Have you tried our Krush Family Dinners? Seared Tofu Stir Fry with Brown Rice Noodles for meatless Monday is a fav. So good!! $50 easily feeds our family of 6!

5. Add in new foods! We became obsessed with making cauliflower rice during quarantine, and I was serving it multiple times in a week… While my kids did get fed up with my enthusiasm for this high fiber, high choline (brain empowering) vegetable, months later my kids actually asked for it if it hadn’t been in rotation for a week or two. Stay tuned for new dishes on our Super Bowl menu and new Family Dinners coming soon. Did you know our ebook offers so many family friendly recipes?! From Chia Pudding to “Fried Rice”, we suggest getting some new recipes in rotation, create them in bulk, and keep the fridge stocked with dishes that make you feel great and taste delicious! 

How can we help make 2021 your year of easy healthy? We know we are super lucky to have Krush in our lives and we aspire to make Krush inspirational for your families too! Our new delivery service on the app, or curbside pick-up, might be our most family-friendly tools yet :)! 

As always, be in touch with ideas or suggestions!

In Great Health,
Fran and Michelle 

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