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Add Probiotics into your life ASAP

If you’ve come into one of our locations, then you have heard me talking about probiotics; I love what probiotics can do you for your gut health, thus your overall health; Have you heard about the gut/brain connection? Have you heard that wellness starts in your gut? Well, it does! And the connection to your brain health is because there is a nerve that runs from your stomach to your brain and back again; when your tummy is happy, your brain is happy and can function at its best; fascinating reading here about the vagus nerve and its interconnection between gut and brain!! Reasons I love probiotics:

  1. balance your gut bacteria:  the good bacteria in probiotics fight off the bad bacteria that cause viruses and illness;  want to reduce how often you get colds and stomach viruses? take a daily probiotic!
  2. help create regular bowel movements; everyone loves this reason :); this also contributes to weight loss because the digestibility of food is enhanced
  3. when you make one good decision (taking probiotics), it gets easier to make your next good health decision.. for example, eating vegetables for breakfast or drinking lemon water upon rising :)!

A couple things to note: there are so many varieties and strains of probiotics; it is a good idea to change it around every few months so that you are adding in different strains of bacteria; You can take probiotics that are geared towards certain health conditions… brain fog, stomach disorders, eczema, etc…. Garden of Life offers a huge brilliant line of products sold at many health food stores (we carry a general men’s and women’s version); Most importantly, start with a trusted brand name, and note how it makes you feel better within days of taking; Onward in the constant journey to wellness! Michelle