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An Exciting Happening at Organic Krush:
The Launch of our Vegan Menu

Ever since we opened the doors to our first location (Woodbury, May of 2015!!) we have been conversing with our customers to determine what makes them happy, what makes them feel healthy, and what foods and juice they crave on a daily basis!

The conversations are so much fun, because we are learning, exploring, testing and tasting! In recent months, more and more requests have come in for a specific Vegan Menu. We are so excited to share that it has launched, and so impressed by our customers for choosing such a healthy and light (on body and planet) way to live.

Years and years ago (prior to opening Krush) I was devouring books by Michael Pollen, esteemed author and foodie. We love his guiding philosophy: “Eat Food, Mostly Plants, ” as it encourages a thoughtful way to approach eating. Combined with another one of his quotes, “If it’s a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t, ” we believe people will be at their healthiest if they follow his simple wisdom.

Also since the day we opened our doors, we have offered more than 100+ vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fresh herbs, dressings, sauces and other plant based ingredients to our customers. The options are endless for creating inspirational meals! And now we have a simple and clear Vegan Menu to guide anyone interested in trying a purely Vegan approach to breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between!

In recent years, more and more scientific studies are being done to compare a vegan to non-vegan lifestyle. There are some fascinating improved health results, detailing weight loss, lower BMI, improved blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels,  & increased fiber, for both children and adults. The summary of these studies can be found here.

On a personal note, I eat vegan 80% of the time (Of the average 21 meals I eat in a week,  easily 17 of them are Vegan). When I do eat meat, the meals are vegetable centric, with a small portion of grass fed steak or salmon. (I’m a Type O blood type and in all my learnings and readings over time, I feel my best when I have small amounts of grass fed meat in my diet).

I do not eat dairy but instead enjoy cashew mylk and oat mylk. Breakfast is either bulletproof coffee, avocado toast, or hearty smoothie (Chocolate Hulk!!!) Lunch is often a kale detox salad, roasted vegetables or a veggie based bowl topped with salmon or steak; If I eat animal protein at lunch, I do not eat it for dinner and instead have large salads, topped with tons of olive oil and nuts & lemon or soups and stews or veggie tacos! I also partake in our 3 Day Vegan Meal Plan/ Cleanse  4x/ year, so that I have 12 concentrated days per year that lower my body burden, reduce cravings, and overall just lighten up! It has the tastiest recipes and always manages to reorganize my eating and hydration.

We are REALLY excited about the launch of our new Vegan Menu! Stop by and tell us what you think!

Towards Great Health!