An Organic Krush Backyard BBQ

Years ago, my children’s social studies teacher (Hi Mr. Grim!) shared this quote – “Home of the free because of the brave” – and we hang it at home to never forget the sacrifices that have been made by those lives lost or harmed while protecting our freedoms. Memorial Day will be here this weekend, and we are always reminded of the special people throughout history who lost their lives defending our freedoms. We feel incredible gratitude towards those who serve in the military currently, and to veterans whom have set the utmost example of bravery and team work. Today and always, we offer a 20% discount for our service men and women.

Especially in the state of New York, Memorial Day brings a shift in attitude. Summer is finally approaching, and we can let our gardens grow without fear of freeze, and we can swap out our heavy winter sweaters for our light summer wardrobe! How do we celebrate at Organic Krush? With delicious seasonal food of course!

Our new side salads and specials make for perfect backyard BBQ meals (safely distanced of course!). Why not grab a stack of salads from our gourmet to go fridges or place a wrap and salad order with your neighborhood Organic Krush? We like to bring a variety of dishes home, platter them up, and let our friends and family choose their favorite combinations!

Here’s a peek at some of our new offerings:

  1. Grilled Street Corn – Summer captured in a salad is what we have here! Charred corn with a mix of fresh herbs, a bit of spice, and summer vegetables is an awesome addition to any backyard gathering!
  2.  Toasted Summer Quinoa Salad – Light and fresh, this quinoa salad is a crowd pleasing side dish or can even be the focal point of the meal!
  3. Sweet Potato Veggie Burger – This new vegan veggie burger is an amazing palate pleaser: sweetness from the sweet potato, major freshness from the herbs and zucchini, and a dash of spice from cayenne! Order a tray, and you can reheat and serve, dipped in our homemade aioli or served on a bun!
  4. Watermelon Feta Salad – Light and refreshing, this makes the perfect side salad to go with anything coming off your grill!
  5. Old favorites – These gourmet-to-go dishes have been keeping guests happy and fed for years! Our Kale Detox, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, and our lightly seasoned Roasted Vegetables are great accompaniments to any meal! Our little hack: 3 kale detox salads, tossed on a platter with lemon herb dressing, and topped with salmon or chicken right off our grill! And those tuna and chicken salads can be made into platters as well, served with lettuces and wraps so your guests can build their own lunch!