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Hello Krush Enthusiasts!

As we round the corner into the new year, we get really excited about fresh starts and healthy habits that we’ll commit to for the whole year through! Sometimes we get so excited that we set goals that are way too ambitious (hint: fasting until noon everyday or no wine on weeknights). While it’s great to reach for the stars when it comes to goal setting, what we’ve come to appreciate most is when the lifestyle change we make, actually becomes easy to stick to. It must be the age we’re at, but suffering with our health habits no longer holds any appeal. What does hold a lot of appeal is feeling energized, clear headed, and not dependent on sugar, caffeine or alcohol to get through a day!

So how do we do it?

4x a year, we set aside 3 days to do a quarterly Krush detox cleanse. These food and juice meal plans help to reset our guts, which actually makes it easy to fall into healthy habits. Here are some of our favorite aspects of the detox journey:

  1. The meals and juices are completely prepared and organized (plus they stack in the fridge). Just grab & go when on the run!
  2. The 3 days are so manageable. While day 2 always feels really challenging, by the time we get to day 3, we are en route to success. There is science showing that the cells in your gut replace themselves every 3 days so it becomes completely realistic to feel like a new person after 3 days of organic nutrient density!!
  3. The meals are delicious and replicable! After we finish the 3 days, there are at least 5 recipes that we wind up creating for ourselves for the rest of the season. (Think: Brussels Sprout Stir Fry, Chocolate Hulk Smoothie, Goji Berry Trail Mix!) And we give you a few recipes as part of the cleanse plan, so you’ll be able to do the same!
  4. Taking 3 days to focus on early bed times, lemon water hydration, night time epsom salt baths, a daily probiotic, and self care starts to become the norm when you detox 4x a year. Because you feel so good after the 3 days, we start to look for ways to incorporate the healthy habits more and more and…forever!
While there will always be healthy habits to improve upon, what we love best is that the juice and meal plan detoxes always make a healthy day feel super easy! To sign up for a cleanse, fill out our form here, or contact your local Krush!

Here’s to small changes that add up to a lifetime of well being!

Fran and Michelle and the OK Team

PS: If you ever want extra encouragement, advice, coaching, or recipe ideas, please email us at; We are here to support! Our ebook (downloadable here) is full of 50 recipes that we count on for daily and weekly healthy success.

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