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Avocado Toast with Sprouts!

When I’m going to bed, I start thinking about what I will eat for breakfast; and after I finish my breakfast I start thinking about what I will plan for dinner that evening; and aways with that planning and thinking, goes the energy towards how will I make it maximally healthy??

I LOVE thinking about how to inspire you… and me… and my children (4 of them!) and my friends and sisters (4 of them!) and my nieces and nephews ( 21 of them!) how to be simply healthy!

This mornings breakfast was a really satisfying and simple way to get an ultra-healthy breakfast in Gluten Free Bread (Food For Life); slathered with avocado (full of healthy fat) , a squeeze of lemon (vitamin C), topped with sprouts (powerhouse of nutritional vitality), cilantro (pulls heavy metals from your bloodstream), and a tiny sprinkle of Himalayan pink sea salt.

Sprouts are often forgotten in the medley of healthy choices but I LOVE them for their punch of flavor and unique nutritional value. Sprouts are seeds that are harvested right after they have “Sprouted”. The nutritional benefits are super high because the plant has just released all its energy and goodness into those sprouts; if sprouts continued to grow, the end result would be the entire head of broccoli or bean plant or alfalfa plant, etc.. so when you eat sprouts you are eating a “powerhouse”.. the mini version of what was going to be an entire plant!

Sprouts should not be heated, they are too fragile for that, so just throw them on top of anything you are eating and enjoy this simple addition and feel amazed that these little powerhouses can add so much goodness to your life: improving your heart health, boosting enzymes, aiding in weightless, and increasing your immune defense system!  Read more here!

In health,