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Buzzing from The Right Type of Caffeine

You’ve heard us prioritize this over and over again, we like to enjoy food and juice and caffeine in all its glory, but we like to do it with the least amount of toxins and chemicals.

Coffee and tea are a hot subject these days–is it good for you, bad for you, a drug, not a drug–well we don’t have all the answers, but we do know that most of us here at Krush REALLY like a cup of hot coffee or tea everyday!

Since it’s something we do every single day, we make sure it is always certified organic. Coffee and tea are two of the most highly sprayed (with pesticides) crops in the world. Why? Because they are fragile crops that grow in moist environments so pests enjoy them, and many companies deem it easier to use a pesticide than to use sustainable growing practices.

This is one of those choices that seem absolutely necessary to us. Choose organic coffee beans and tea leaves so that you’re not burdening your system with unnecessary chemicals. Your cells and organs (like your liver) will greatly appreciate not being weighed down by toxic chemicals that easily could have been avoided!

We love the brand of coffee by For Five Coffee that we carry at Organic Krush, and retail bags are always available. We’re happy to grind it for you too. We serve hot coffee all day long, and also consider our Matcha Latte, our Iced Coconut Latte, or a Mochachino for a specialty (yet not sugary sweet) buzz. All of our coffee and tea is organic so you can feel great about any choice you make!

Your body, brain and morning routine will thank you!!!

Fran & Michelle 

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