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Even though many of us are home right now, working from our sofas, home offices, or really home anything, it does not mean that we are any less busy.  In fact, many people are finding they have more to do when they are constantly in their homes; more to clean, more home projects to undertake, and more focus being drawn by loved ones or fur babies, making normal tasks take extra time.  Life has shifted for now and we are adapting.

One of the great adaptations of our time is the internet.  It has made it easier to connect with people who are not in your immediate vicinity in a multitude of ways.  It has also made it easier to shop, which at times, can be disconcerting for my bank account.  A great way I’ve found to ease this pressure on my account, is to make my money work twice for me.  So many companies have found ways to incorporate charity into their consumer platforms, donating portions of sales or even useful merchandise to people in need when purchases are made.  

By seeking out these companies, I have found some wonderful products for personal use, as well as temporarily sated my need for in-person charity work, which can be hard to participate in during these times.  In need of some shoes that can be thrown on in a pinch?  TOMS has been one of my all-time favorite brands for years.  For every shoe you purchase, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.  Another great company is STATE bags.  They have a wonderful collection of bags for every occasion, and for each purchase, they fill a backpack with school supplies and donate it to a child in need.  THRIVE is another wonderful company that makes stocking your pantry a breeze, while providing food to low income families and others in need.  

Organic Krush recently partnered with an organization called Filling in the Blanks.  Filling in the Blanks is dedicated to fighting childhood hunger.  They partner with local schools to provide meals for children in need, a cause we can all be sympathetic with.  In nurturing your body with delicious and healthy food, you can also nurture our future through the well being of our youth.  Pop into any location to find out how our partnership is a direct one to one benefit for our customers and the organization.  Our time is our most precious asset, so making our money do double duty can be incredibly rewarding. 

Charitable companies exist for everything you can think of, sometimes it just takes a little research.  Luckily, I can do that for you (see linked companies above)! But don’t stop at what I’ve provided, the wonderful internet that I keep harping on, can provide you with hundreds of companies that will positively impact the world with your help.  Over the years, I’ve found that for me to live a happy life, I must make a consistent, valuable contribution to the world.  Utilizing large companies to make donations for me while I also see an immediate benefit, is one of my favorite life hacks, and I share it with love.  Together we can make a difference everyday, but also get the things that make our hearts happy!

by Catie Zimmerman

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