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Comfort in the Familiar: Spring Detoxing

We heard a great podcast the other day by Dr Chatterjee who summed up our views on health in the most elegant of words: “I believe that when we are healthier, we are happier because when we feel better, we live more.” 

Four times a year, we have found comfort in a detox pattern. After recently participating in one of Karen Dillon’s 3 day yoga & cleanse virtual retreats, including Organic Krush food & cold pressed juice, our heads were buzzing with clarity and our physical energy was off the charts. For the 3 days, we ate, talked, yoga’d, meditated, and committed to a way of life that made us feel like we were “living more.” What really believe that if you can just get to feeling good, then you can make decisions that are longer lasting and life changing (for example: eliminating toxic foods such as sugar, alcohol, processed snacks). These 3 days just make you feel…MORE. 

Detoxes get a bad rap for being temporary or ineffective. However, we find that they energize and inspire us to make more conscious decisions, to lighten our food load, and to participate in daily practices that make us feel well. The best part is that this can all be done without any suffering. Just simple daily habits and eating foods that fuel our gut and intensely nourish. 

From May 4th-6th, Karen Dillon will be hosting another virtual retreat! The 3 day plan for $280 consists of 3 yoga sessions (about an hour each, with Karen Dillon over Zoom), 3 days of vegan food and juice from Krush, dharma talks and journaling, plus daily emails from Karen that inspire and coach.   

We will be delivering to New Jersey, Philadelphia and D.C. in addition to our Connecticut, New York & Virginia locations.

Are you in?!

Email us here to sign up by 4/27, and reach out with any questions! 

To Feeling MORE,
Fran and Michelle 

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