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Do You Do This Too?

Hello Krush Enthusiasts! 

On a daily basis, there’s a question that burns in our minds.¬†What will we¬†add into our lives today that will bring us closer to the ultimate goal of lifelong health?¬†

We want to know, do you think about this too? 

It’s an interesting driving force because it leads to action on everyday tasks. From your morning shower routine (we choose low body burden products) to your coffee and breakfast choices (we choose organic and high in fruits and vegetables.) Then from there, it’s a positive snowball effect because we like to keep adding in things that make us feel amazing all day.¬†

Being in the lifestyle restaurant we are in, we hear from our guests that they often don’t know where to start on their health journey. We get it, as the world of health and wellness can be conflicting.¬†Here’s our top 5 list for feeling amazing, all day, every day! It’s a journey, but one we promise you’ll never regret stepping into.¬†

1.¬†Collaborate around positive people –¬†Hopefully you have a ton of positive people in your life, but if you don’t, we recommend finding them. “You are a sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most.” Exercise and eat around people who make you feel good, and your journey to great health will line up immediately.¬† ¬†

2.¬†Sleep¬†– The research is out and it’s incredibly important. Sleeping well should be a top priority as that is when your body does its healing and your brain does its thinking. Need help? Try this¬†resource¬†at The Tapping Solution.¬†¬†

3. Movement РThis is less about hours of intensity and more about committing to consistency each day. Walk for 30 minutes in the sunshine, stand while working at your desk, stretch in between meetings, dance to your favorite playlist, the list goes on. 

4. Wireless radiation РThe research is distressing on this topic. Our screens and phones and all of the wireless devices in our homes and offices are emitting levels of radiation that negatively affect our health. Ways to decrease? Turn off your router at night, hardwire your laptop/computer directly into a wall, keep your phone off your body, avoid wireless ear buds which are pulling radiation directly into your brain, and decrease screen time as often as possible. Most importantly, speak up! You may have heard 5g is better and faster, but that comes with the price of being even more damaging to our health. Check out this organization that empowers individuals (you!) to be the catalysts for change in their own communities. 

5.¬†The power of greens at every meal¬†– Add spinach in your smoothie or morning eggs, have saut√©ed kale and giant salads at lunch, roast or stir fry everything green at dinner! Take a peek¬†here¬†for “fried rice”, and¬†here¬†for breakfast ideas filled with greens.¬†

We have 3 more tips (hydration, toxin-free living, lowering sugar addiction), and we’ll share those on Tuesday in our biweekly follow-up!¬†

Cheering you on towards the journey to great health!
Fran and Michelle 

PS: The survey results are in (200+ comments, 1,000 responses!!!) and we heard you loud and clear! Our extended hours begin on Monday for select locations, check¬†here¬†for your new local store hours. Secondly, we are thrilled to announce our new Organic Krush App,¬†“happiness in the palm of your hand!”¬†is just about set to launch. Stay tuned! And finally, we have work to do about the consistency of our portion sizes and ingredients. We agree…and you have our word that we are working diligently on extra training to ensure this issue goes away immediately. ¬†

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