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Felicia Bessen – Fitness Trainer

Organic Krush is excited to partner with Felicia Bessen, fitness trainer and organic foodie, for a 3 day vegan RESET cleanse; we were curious, as you might be, what makes Felicia tick? what inspires her to wake up everyday and teach fitness and motivation? We think you will very much enjoy our interview with her;

Q~ Felicia, you come bopping into Organic Krush ever day so full of energy and enthusiasm for good food. What has led you to healthy living?

A ~ Ever since I was a young child I have been drawn to healthy foods and taking care of myself. I started dance lessons at 4 years old and quickly fell in love with movement… in high school I started to exercise with ‘aerobic dance’ from watching Jane Fonda do it! I held classes in my basement with all of my friends and I would lead them in a workout! then I began to teach to make extra money in college by teaching and that’s when I started to cook my own meals and eat really healthy! I also worked at a Food Coop, which I suppose is the beginning of my eat local and organic way!

Q ~ What do you love about teaching others? What has led you to devote your career towards leading others?

A ~ I have always loved to teach others – always a leader. I was a cheerleader and the dance coordinator for our big end of the year events in high school. I loved to help people feel better about themselves.. whether it was through dance or being an ear to listen to their problems.. when I was young I thought I’d be a therapist.. in a way I feel that as an Instructor and Trainer I am that person that is very intimate with my students and clients.. and there is a lot of emotion that moves through the body in exercise. I help them to release the stress and everyday worries that can stuck in our physical body. I love that i make a difference in their lives.

Q ~ And what is a typical day in the life of Felicia Bessen?

A ~ Ok, I am an early to bed -early to rise kind of girl. I wake up without an alarm clock pretty much the same time every day 6:00 am. Both my husband and equally share parenting responsibilities. We both prioritize that over everything else in our lives. We get our youngest up and going to school. I always start the day with room temp water, lemon and apple cider vinegar.. I wash up and put on workout clothes! then it’s off to teach a class. I do love my coffee (bad habit I know) but I can’t imagine a morning without it – I’m really into this Four Sigmatic Mushroom brand.. it has cordyceps and chaga in it and gives me so much energy. I add collagen and maca to it. (I’m heavy into adaptogens). After I teach I always train a client or two. I try on some days to get to a yoga class. In between I will eat some steel cut oatmeal and apples cut up with chia seeds and honey (I will usually get this at OrganicKrush) I do some errands and then spend the next few hours with my dog.. very chill. I take a good shower, eat a wholesome lunch, read, watch Netflix.. often a short nap.. By 2pm my eldest comes home and we hang out and catch up.. the youngest always has baseball so I’m very busy with that in the afternoons..we always have dinner as a family as much as we can.. then the nights are about my essential oils and unwinding.. family time. With my hub on the couch and a son or two, my dog on my lap… bed is early by 10:30pm we are all asleep..

Q ~You are so put together but I think privately (or maybe publicly for some J, ) we all have things we want to work on: Do you have any personal goals with health and wellness?

A ~To continue to bridge the gap between food, beauty, fitness, and health in my career. I want to eventually lead wellness/fitness retreats so that I can work closely with people all over the world and get to travel and see places! I dream of going to Bali! I also would like to have my own small space…. one day..maybe in a warmer climate.. I dream of it being on water….

Q~ And I have to ask, from one busy mom to another… What is you ideal mother’s day?

A ~ To me, Mother’s Day is every day and every moment that I can be with my sons. I call them my SUNSHINES.. because when they are near me I am so lit up.. I love them so much..I don’t need gifts although they do make me cards still and honestly I’d be disappointed if they didn’t (they are now 14 and 18 and believe me I don’t think they really love doing it still haha but they know that it means so much to me). It started when they were very little and I have saved every one… they draw a card and write a meaningful and often very funny letter to me inside and I seriously cherish that.

If our readers are so inspired, we have partnered with Felicia for 3 days of vegan lifestyle eating and motivational fitness; check out our 3 DAY VEGAN CLEANSE and let us know if you want to join; we have 20 available spots;

For fitness coaching and scheduled classes, email Felicia at

Call us at:
516.224.4423 to reserve your spot today

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