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Are you worried to lose your health routine over the summer? We have some ideas! Here are 5 suggestions to keep your health routine all summer long- healthy ideas, to feel great during and after all the festivities.

It starts in the morning –  this is truly a game changer: Start the day with two full glasses of filtered water. People always think they are hydrated but if you skip this step, you most likely are not at the right level. Add a pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon or lime for extra points and results.

Make a plan–  you want results? You need a plan. 3 days of weekend festivities to us means we will start each of the 3 days with medium level intensity exercise (30 minutes+ per day), 3 self care sessions (for example, sauna, massage, meditation) and 3 solid meals per day; Write these ideas on your calendar and treat these activities as meetings you may not skip!

Do not skip a meal- Grocery shop prior to the weekend.  This notion of skipping meals to save up for later indulgences is just a bad idea all around. When you skip a meal, your blood sugar dips so low that you then lose control of good food choices, and eat less than good for you choices; Give yourself the gift of stability and self- control by eating 3 solid meals, and then by all means indulge with treats alongside those meals. We eat a high fiber avocado toast for breakfast, a beach greek salad with grilled chicken for lunch, and steak and vegetables for dinner (yes french fries and some wine too!) Commit to steadiness.

Bring a dish-  when appropriate we always show up with a favorite healthy dish at MDW BBQ. Who doesn’t love a rainbow kale salad, an asian noodle stir-fry, a tray of roasted veggies or a homemade chicken salad?  When we show up with a dish that aligns with our version of healthy we can make that a centerpiece on our plate, and then round out the sides with some yummy indulgences.

Digestive Enzyme / Probiotic- this tip is actually an everyday part of our health routine but deserves extra emphasis on holiday weekends.  When we do go off routine, we still want to feel amazing (not fans of suffering through digestive discomfort), and enzymes and probiotics really help the gut feel great; here are a couple of suggestions: Dr O’Hhira Probiotics (we take at 1 at bedtime) and Garden of Life Digestive Enzymes (we take right after meals);

We always feel so blessed to celebrate our American freedoms and the amazing choices we are able to make in life! Cheers to great health now and always!

Fran & Michelle

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