Halloween Tips for Being Healthy

Some might call me the Halloween grinch but there is no chance that a holiday that induces blood sugar mayhem would ever get my full smile of approval. But what is there to do, except get creative as to how to make it through the day with the least amount of body burden as possible!

For Moms and Dads

  1. As always, start the day with 2 large glasses of filtered water; get your cells hydrated to set yourself up for success
  2. Stage your Day: healthy fats and protein for breakfast (Olive Oil sauteed veggies topped with a fried egg or slices of turkey / chicken)
  3. Lunch — overdose on vegetables! A bright green salad, topped with roasted vegetables and perhaps a little more protein.
  4. Afternoon Trick or Treat– set some rules for how many pieces you will allow yourself; For me its 3 mini chocolates (either the dark chocolate hershey bar or a musketeer mini ! yum!) if you had two healthy meals so far today, you will not be hungry when strolling the neighborhood so that can’t be your excuse for over indulging on the candy. Also try chewing healthy gum, sipping on a seltzer, and having a healthy dinner back at the house afterwards. It all comes down to A PLAN!! We say this over and over again at Krush: Make a plan and you will find healthy!!!
  5. Very soon after Halloween, separate out the candy that you will allow to live in your house and THROW AWAY the rest. I don’t even agree with donating it to the troops– this is the last thing our amazing military needs- send them care packages instead!!!

For Kids

  1. Write out a BIG NOTE CARD setting the kids up for a day of CHOOSING healthy! Let them circle their meal choices!! PS: this works any day for successful eating for kids !!
  2. Let the kids choose which pieces of candy they will eat (after you have set the predetermined amount!) Discuss when they will eat it: while out walking OR upon returning home
  3. In the morning and in the afternoon, fill up a large bottle of water or club soda, which the kids can flavor with orange slices, strawberries, lemons or more! The expectation is that they will drink this canteen of water 2x thru today (and everyday!)
  4. Before you hit the streets, consider eating the main dinner meal; if a couple of other families come over it will feel festive and like a treat in and of itself. Hint: Chicken noodle soup or chili fills them up nicely and “crowds out” the craving for sugar!!!
  5. Be direct with the kids; have them look at the nutrition label on the back of the candy. Remember!!! 4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon.
    Let them choose 10 pieces to store in the pantry (each kid labels their own post halloween baggie:) have them toss the rest, knowing that they are saving their teeth and their tummies from a lot of injury.

I guaranty with a little planning and letting kids CHOOSE how to be involved, Halloween can be healthy and happy every year!!!!