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Heading to the Beach? Us too!

Old Glory flying, Beautiful Sunset on Long Island, New York

It’s the most frustrating feeling to get hungry at the beach and realize there aren’t any options around for healthy food. You could choose to indulge in the beach fries or churros, but we all know how that will make you feel :(. 

While we do hope to one day open food trucks at the beaches and sports fields, right now we are staying focused on running our Organic Krush restaurants so that they are hospitable and love-able whether you dine in or dine out! We have so many options when you are on the run, and just want to pick up some easy HEALTHY, FEEL-GOOD, NO STOMACH-ACHE choices! 

If you are heading to the beach this weekend, we believe we are the perfect place to stop and pack up your cooler! You bring the cooler and the ice packs, we’ve got the gourmet to go salads, breakfast wraps, muffins, guacamole & chips…our entire menu makes for perfect beachside picnics for you and your family! And we promise you will feel amazing, probably so good, you’ll be up for a volleyball game with the kids or take the surf lesson you’ve been dreaming of! 

Let us know how we can help! Call your local Krush store or just stop in!

Here’s to Feeling Great all Fourth of July Weekend long!

Fran and Michelle

Organic Krush Surfboard in the window
Jump for joy on the beach for Organic Krush

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