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Holiday Help From Our Founders

At Organic Krush, we care about health and wellness year-round. Even so, it’s right about now that we get crazy passionate about setting ourselves up for good habits in the upcoming new year. During this time of giving and receiving we thought we’d take a moment to suggest some wellness gifts that you can either jot down on your own wish list or gift to someone you care so much about that you want them to stay healthy forever!

My bedroom and kitchen are the #1 and # 2 place that wellness begins.

In my bedroom I insist on chemical and toxin free:
Our bedding is from a Coyuchi, a company driven by a deep reverence for nature and a desire to fill homes with sustainably sourced, ethically made goods!  Sleeping should be the guaranteed 8 hours a day in which you are not surrounded by toxins!

I also love beauty products that eliminate all toxins from my skin care routine. We do not have good regulation in the US for skincare and there are more than 26,000 untested chemicals that are allowed into our beauty products. This is an area you can control – take a look at some of my favorites:

Annemarie Gianni ~ a wild crafted line of skin and beauty products that has fantastic results.
Aurum Rose ~ located right here in Cold Spring Harbor, the collection on the Aurum Rose site is curated by a woman who deeply cares about your health.
Botanica Bazaar ~ a boutique in Amagansett inspired by European Apothecaries, and healing approaches from around the world.
Odacite ~ an incredible skincare company started by a breast cancer survivor who made the connection between good health and the necessary elimination of as many toxins as possible in our lives.
Tata Harper ~ this line was one of the first that committed to a truly organic regiment. I was privileged to be one of her first customers, about 10 years back, when she was launching her products in the Hamptons area. Tata herself has a farm and the ingredients of her products are grown right there in her domain.

Some other very simple bedroom products I keep around:
A heating pad ~ My chiropractor taught me about this necessity. I go to bed and wake up to heat, setting the pad in whichever area of my body needs some extra attention. The heat encourages the blood flow to the respective area, and this has been a game changer in my neck, back, and hip comfort. Working at a computer and standing on our feet all day can be very straining and the simple act of 10 minutes of heat therapy can do wonders for post workout comfort!

An essential oils kit ~ there are so many options in this department and I personally feel love for both DoTerra and Young Living. The kits are so great because they allow you to find scents that resonate with you, while creating a home / workspace that engenders healthy mental and emotional wellness.

Now on to my kitchen:
Organic Coffee and Tea – Here’s the thing with coffee and tea; These two staples are two of the most highly sprayed (with pesticides) crops in the world.

At Organic Krush we carry my absolute favorite brand of organic coffee. It’s mellow and smooth and amazing flavor. It’s roasted by Four Five coffee and is available as whole beans or ground, at any of our locations.  My second favorite place to get coffee is Bulletproof Coffee; they do a great job with sourcing and with booster products to coffee that I find really enhance my day!

There are a couple great organic tea companies, my favorite being Serendipitea. They carry both loose leaf and tea bags and they have a wide range of flavors. I drink one cup of china green tea daily, as all studies show that green tea is one of those magical antioxidant filled additions to your life that can reap major health benefits.

Best Lemon Press – this is a simple idea, but a game changer when adding healthy little habits into your life; on a daily basis, drink a big glass of lemon water to balance your system and improve digestion. For a holiday gift, why not purchase a pretty crate, stack it with lemons, and add this little gadget along with it! We are also growing a lemon tree in our home and that has added the most adorable little fruits to our life!

Subscription services for life’s staples are also an exciting gift because each month your friends and family will continue to be surprised.

My Favorites:
Thrive Market
Butcher Box
Dry Farm Wines

A really important part of your life to take care of is the amount of electromagnetic frequency (EMF’s) you are exposed to. I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about this because I feel we are doing a lot of damage to ourselves by “ingesting” too much radiation.

I have a few strict policies.

Blue tooth devices are adding much body burden to people’s lives. All of the wireless ear buds and bluetooth devices in our homes are adding extra radiation. Anything you can do to reduce radiation can only be helpful to your health. Please consider:

Turn off wi-fi at night in your home as this will keep the wireless signal at bay for those 8-10 hours. Use corded ear buds, like these. Simple and functional.  Any blue tooth device against your skull is contributing radiation directly to your brain. Please make sure not to hold the phone to your skull, or to drive with it on your lap. Keep a distance between yourself and your phone.

I also really like these protective sleeves from Safe Sleeve; All of our devices emit harmful radiation waves. Whatever we can do to reduce impact of radiation is important. This company has created cases that  incorporate Radiation Shielding Technology that has been tested in an FCC accredited lab to show reductions of Electromagnetic Radiation up to 99%. Unlike most other products, it blocks multiple types of radiation from your electronics: up to 99% of Radio Frequencies (RF), up to 92% of Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), and Thermal (heat).

My final suggestions for ending the year and transitioning to your best year ever have to do with education and planning!

I have so many wellness books I love, and here are a few truly inspirational ones!

The Little Book of Healthy Beauty by Dr. Pina LoGuidice (sits on my kitchen shelf and I refer to it always)
The Simple Healing Cleanse by Kimberly Larson (brilliant ayurvedic guide)
Medical Medium Life Changing Foods by Anthony Williams (insightful information about the energy of food and healing)
Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner (major stress reduction)
Chloe Flavor by Chloe Coscarelli – (vegan recipes that inspire!)

I keep these Paper Source Planners with me at all times, so I can jot down my workout and my current reading. That way I always have a reference for where I am at on my health journey.

There are two main goals I have in my wellness journey: create sustainable habits that I can repeat over and over gain AND most importantly, find ways to reduce my body burden. Anything that weighs me down needs to be eliminated, anything that lifts me up, needs to take top priority. SO here goes for a list that you can treat yourself or someone you love to! Why not create a wellness box to gift your son or daughter, your parents, your spouse, your friend? It will be the gift that keeps on giving all year round!

Here’s to thoughtful shopping!