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Hydration Tips

Water is such a critical part of our well being. It needs to be as pure as possible, so we use high quality filters and water that comes from Mountain Valley Springs in Arkansas. The reason we filter is that all water from municipal supplies is treated with chlorine (to kill bacteria), and we don’t want to drink chlorinated water. We also don’t want to drink pesticides or chemicals, and filters that use carbon or reverse osmosis or UV light are able to eliminate much of these problems. Once you filter your water, you will be even more inclined to hydrate. 

When we wake up in the morning, we pour two large glasses of room temperature water, which immediately hydrates our cells. This is non-negotiable. Just do it, don’t overthink it. You want to support your cells and organs the minute you wake up! Then we like this idea: While your coffee or tea is brewing, fill a large pitcher on your kitchen counter. Add a squeeze of lemon (alkalizing) and a dash of cardamom (enhances O2 uptake). Or try adding a squeeze of orange and a handful of basil. Yum! Sip all day long. 

We also recommend pre-filling 8-10 bottles, and keeping them in your fridge, ready to grab and go when you’re on the run.  When we leave the house in the morning, we grab at least two of those bottles (we use the Krush glass cold pressed juice bottles) and place them in our car cup holders, so we can’t forget to sip while we drive.

Other ideas: Use hunger as a cue to drink. When you feel a pang, drink a large glass of water, then eat a few minutes later. Use yawning or tiredness as a cue. Drink a large glass of water, and feel yourself transition to awake. The trick to hydration is to be prepared and proactive. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, instead find opportunities all day to sip and sip some more!

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