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Insights: Cold Press Juicing

You may wonder why among the other hundreds of offerings we wanted on the menu, we also decided to cold-press our own juice. We’ll give you a hint: we’re a little crazy and we’re a lot of passion.

We are passionate about lifestyle eating and sustainable nutritional habits that serve a lifetime of wellness. When we designed our lifestyle eatery model, it was really important to us that there be categories of food that suit various needs of health.

Cold press juicing is a method of juicing in which the vegetables and fruit go through a spinning grater and then, a high intensity but SLOW press, in order to yield what we refer to as liquid gold. Cold press juicing retains the highest value of nutrients compared to any other type of juicing because it uses minimal friction (thereby preserving the nutrients).

For every batch of green or colorful juice we create, we use 25 POUNDS of produce! The result when we divvy up the juice into our glass bottles? Each juice contains a hefty 1.5 pounds of nutrient dense liquid from those fruits and vegetables that were pressed. 

You’d be hard pressed to eat that many pounds of produce in a day. You’d be chewing for hours and hours if you actually tried to eat 1.5 pounds of vegetables. So this is where cold press juicing, and juice cleanses, become so beneficial. When you gift your system with nutrient density, it makes your cells, your organs, your digestive tract, your gut and your brain so happy and healthy. 

When we determined that we would be a 100% organic restaurant, it was very clear to us that we would have organic cold press juice on the menu. There was no one else on Long Island offering organic cold press juice, and we knew enough to never drink juice that was not organic (condensed amounts of pesticides mixed in with our green juices is not something we ever considered a health drink).  What better way to solve for our passion for healthy living habits than to have organic food and juice in one place?! 

Here at Krush, we drink a cold pressed juice daily, and a couple times of year, most of us do a 3 day juice cleanse to completely lighten our body burden and infuse ourselves with high nutrient density.  Have you heard friends of yours swear they warded off a virus because they drank ginger or garlic shots? Have you felt the benefits of hydration when you consume that afternoon green drink? This is what we experience on a daily basis! We craft each of our recipes to cater towards a certain element of health. Fighting a bad cold? Grab The Fighter or The Wellness Shot. Feeling run down? The Immunity Shot truly helps. Feeling overall blah ? Have tummy issues? The Liberationwith aloe is calming and The Fix Me Up with fennel is soothing. 

Cold press juicing certainly makes our lives feel more complete! To be able to get our food and juice all in one place is very fulfilling personally, and as business owners! So crazy or not for a restaurant to focus on this component, we are committed to serving ORGANIC cold pressed juice, alongside our delicious ORGANIC food, FOREVER!! 

In Great Health,

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