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Is There Any Better Gift Than a Healthy Meal?

We’re all about spreading the love of eating happy & feeling amazing with the gift of a Krush Family Dinner to someone who could use a little extra support. Support being in the form of a delicious 100% organic meal serving 4!

Maybe that someone in need of yummy nourishment is a friend who just had a baby, or a loved one who is going through a rough patch since we whole heartedly believe in the idea that there is nothing in the world that good food can’t fix. 

That someone could also be you…Take a break from rushing to get food on the table one evening, and order ahead on the Krush App (plus earn rewards!). The Rotisserie Chicken over Veggie Fried Rice is a kid favorite!

We know chaotic days can often lead to mayhem at dinner and seemingly convenient, but not so healthy choices, which is why we created Krush Family Dinners, serving 4 for $55, to avoid just that.

Choose from 5 options & let us know your favs: BBQ Salmon over Quinoa, Country Ratatouille, Shrimp Diavolo, Steak ‘Fajita’ or Rotisserie Chicken with Fried Rice.

To Eating Happy & Spreading Love,
Fran & Michelle

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