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It Never Goes Away

20 years ago we learned that plastic contributed many burdensome effects to the earth and our health. Plastic is a material that once made, can never ever go away. Instead, it breaks down in our oceans and landfills into microscopic nurdles that float in our seas, contaminating the land, water, fish and birds who eat it. Additionally, plastic is not a stable material, which means it’s always degrading into the water or sport drink you’re drinking (especially when leaving water bottles in the heat of the car or garage!).

We detest that idea that when we are trying to drink a healthy drink, we’re instead getting the chemicals of plastic to go along with it. Plastic chemicals have been known to be hormone disrupting and cancer causing. At Organic Krush you will see very little plastic. We use paper cups for water, biodegradable cutlery (and soon when you dine-in with us, we will be testing real silverware!), and perhaps our most important contribution…our cold pressed juices in beautiful glass bottles that can be re-used over and over again!!! Did you see our adorable instagram post filled with ideas on that topic? No chemicals, no plastic, just straight up organic delicious, healing, cold pressed juice!

Sometimes it’s helpful in the world of environmentalism to prioritize the things that we know we can handle ourselves. Plastic is a topic we care deeply about, and we know that human beings can make an impact on reducing its negative consequences just by making personal choices in our everyday lives. 

If you get a moment today on this beautiful Earth Day, take a deep breath outside in the sun, soak up the beauty of those blooming trees, and perhaps commit to as little plastic as possible in your life. You might just feel the health benefits immediately when you reduce that toxic load in your body! At the same time, you’ll be minimizing your personal burden on the earth, and we promise you, that feels really, really AMAZING!

Committed forever to playing our role,
Fran and Michelle

P.S Check out Algalita Marine and Surfrider Foundation for some of the most inspiring, world-changing organizations out there! We are an Ocean Friendly Certified restaurant by Surfrider Foundation, meaning our business is committed to having the least negative impact on the earth! 

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