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It’s time for a seasonal cleanse

We always love fall, but something about this year feels extra enjoyable. Beautiful weather, no more crazy heat, and we have gotten an amazing start to our routines. This time last year we were cooped up in our homes, making all of the days, months and seasons blend together, and it feels oh so nice to have a more “normal” fall back! That said, our bodies are still adjusting, and we feel the effects. The colder weather definitely makes us want to stay in bed in the mornings. That’s how we know we need a body reset, a kickstart into this new season. It is time for a seasonal vegan cleanse.

Our vegan cleanses are packed with seasonal produce containing all of the vitamins you need during the autumn months. Three days of squashes, greens, quinoa, soup, apples and berries. Juices that will keep us hydrated (we often forget to drink water when it’s not hot out), and a Pumpkin Spice Smoothie that truly tastes like pumpkin bread in a cup. Just three days of cleansing will completely reset your gut and digestive system, which will not only clear up your skin and make you feel lighter, but it will also help with those cold-weather blues and tiredness. Your gut affects every part of your health, including mental health. We are always shocked at how calm and energized we feel after a cleanse, especially during the chillier weeks following summer. Show your body and your mind the love it is craving, order your cleanse here.

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he biggest question we are asked is how to continue feeling awesome post-cleanse. If you are having trouble getting into your new routine, are bombarded with work, taking care of your family and yourself, and just don’t have time to be preparing and cooking foods that will keep your body in check, consider trying our longer form meal plans after your cleanse. There are three different versions of our week-long meal plans, so choose what works best for your lifestyle. If you want to continue with the vegan diet for a bit longer, you can continue with our Plant Strong option. If you want to lightly integrate animal protein back into your diet, try a week of Deep Nutrition, and if you are the type of person that after a week of eating light you are itching to get back to a robust workout plan or muscle building, transition into our Max Muscle. Just a few weeks of our week-long meal plans are the perfect transition from a 3-day vegan cleanse back to cooking for yourself. Find more information and order your meal plan here

To showing your body love,
The OK Team

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