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Krush Community Interviews: Lisa Hayim, MS, RD of @thewellnecessities

Lisa Hayim, MS, RD of @thewellnecessities, is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Columbia University. We have followed her inspiring, educational, genuine & no BS page for years now as she gives heart to hearts and personal experience guidance in the health & wellness world.

Lisa was scheduled to give a talk this past spring titled “F*RK THE NOISE: Learn Lisa’s Modern Mindful Eating Method and Never Stress About Food Again” as part of our Holistic Health & Emotional Wellness Speaker Series, but this was of course cancelled due to the pandemic. Instead of waiting until we could have Lisa in for another event, we had to ask her a few questions. Lisa’s emphasis on mindfulness is one that we can all learn from, especially when our daily lives have deeply changed. As well, her education and work in the nutrition field provide clear insights into a world that can often complicate the simple things.

OK: How are you staying balanced during this time?
Lisa: I’m doing a lot to manage my stress and acknowledge my emotions. With more time behind the screen, it’s easy to forget about the things humans need to thrive. Nature, breathing, stillness–I prioritize tech free time, being in nature without headphones, and using my breath to regulate my nervous system!

OK: What are your top 3 tips for healthy living?
Lisa: Healthy living should be accessible for all. Therefore, my top 3 things are FREE!

  1. Water!! Most people aren’t getting even close to hydrated. Hydration helps with digestion, energy levels, and more.  This should be a fundamental starting place.
  2.  Learn to breath: This one sounds SO simple, but really, our breath controls our nervous system, and good news is–we can control our breath! Working on long inhales and exhales to support your nervous system is an incredibly helpful tool for when you notice you’re stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. I’m a big fan of an INTENTIONAL SIGH. It’s when we let out a long audible big sigh when things feel too heavy.  Research shows this helps us better regulate and shift into a calmer body.
  3. Sleep Hygiene: Most people think the day starts when they wake up, but really, it starts with what you do BEFORE bed.  Most of us are guilty of television and scrolling.  Having a bedtime, and bedtime routine is KEY to getting good rest. I personally sleep with my phone in the bathroom and try to avoid technology altogether for the 30 minutes leading up to.

OK: What is one thing you do for yourself everyday?
Lisa: A 5 minute silent meditation. I swear, so much clarity comes from stillness and silence, which can be incredibly difficult in a world that values busyness and action.

OK: How does Krush fuel you?
Lisa: I love the vegan chocolate muffins! Dense, delicious, and incredibly satisfying!

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