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Krush Community Interviews: Marci Baron

This past January, Marci Baron, who specializes in Energy Healing & Transformation, gave a talk titled “Refresh Your Mind, Renew Your Perspective & Revive Your Spirit” as part of our Holistic Health & Emotional Wellness Speaker Series. Little did we know how much more significance Marci’s words would take on as we entered into a pandemic mid-March. 

At Organic Krush, we may be experts at serving delicious 100% organic food that makes you feel amazing, but we always look to our community for education in their various fields. We love to learn from the people who surround us and support us so that we can continue that education for our guests. Yes, we are a lifestyle eatery because we serve something for everyone, but also because it’s more than just food, it’s about educating and inspiring our community for lifelong happiness and wellness. 

We wanted to know how Marci was personally handling this time, and discover how she was using her background of energy therapy to stay healthy. Read our interview with Marci below!

OK: How are you staying balanced during this time?
Marci: I am staying balanced by focusing on my health in all areas. Physically, I am eating clean, exercising, making sure I get vitamin D, getting enough sleep and taking other measures to boost my immunity. Mentally, I am noticing any negative thinking and transforming them into ones that are positive and optimistic. Emotionally, I am supporting my inner child whenever she feels fearful or upset. I always let myself express and feel my feelings. Spiritually, I am meditating daily and connecting to all of the support available in unseen realms.

OK: What are your top 3 tips for healthy living?
Marci: Eating clean, taking care of my energetic hygiene and living in the present moment.

OK: What is one thing you do for yourself everyday?
Marci: Start my morning in silence and ritual.

OK: How does Krush fuel you?
Marci: Krush has been an incredible source of inspiration and healing for me. I love your food, juices, and the community you have created. The Woodbury location is right down the street and I eat there all the time. I am always met with smiling faces and so much love. I am honored to have been a guest speaker three times over the years! I love Krush!

Connect with Marci: @marcibaron

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