Kyle Glickman: How to Reach your Fitness Goals Through a Holistic Approach


Last week we had an amazing speaker ~ Kyle Glickman ~ at our Roslyn, NY location. Alex Berentzen, our COO, who has known Kyle since he was a hard working teenager in one of Alex’ restaurants, led the discussion.

We were enamored with Kyle’s genuine passion for wellness. He is so sincere about individuals’ taking their health seriously and taking it one step at at time. Small changes for big results overall. He feels what matters most is to have a healthy life.. so here are 10 tips that can easily be addressed by ANYONE!!!

  1. Baseline health.. its a good idea to find out your blood pressure , resting heart rate , resting – blood glucose , and Heart rate variability; these measures will be your baseline for what you are working to improve upon.
  2. Good health starts with small and basic actions: Drink Water th/o your day. Create Movement in your day. Eat Foods that don’t weigh you down.
  3. Food– this is so important; foods with pesticides and GMO’s can not be easily digested so if you eat these, your body has to work SO much harder to see results.
  4. Meat.. you are what the animal eats. Make it organic and grass-fed.
  5. Health of Your Gut lining.. after working out, bring your resting heart rate down BEFORE eating; otherwise the cells in your gut lining are too stressed (from the workout) to digest the food properly and this leads to leaky gut issues. (many people have whey protein allergies because of this); Use deep breathing to bring heart rate down.
  6. To manage mental and Physical stress– its so important to step away from work / life and take 5 minute breaks.. in the sunshine, breathing slowly, socializing. Remove yourself from your desk when eating a meal.
  7. Computer and TV light is majorly messing with our sleep cycles; it is NOT helpful to bombard yourself with these artificial lights at the end of the day, as they tell your brain the wrong message of high activity and stimulation.
  8. Caffeine and alcohol: caffeine has some positives (but do NOT over do it), Alcohol has very few positives so constantly work to reduce consumption.
  9. To get muscles like Kyle :)…. Progressive overload in the gym = muscle gain; You must break down the tissue to build it back up;
  10. Accountability: you are in charge of yourself. Write down your goals, look at them daily, keep your checklist. Results will come when you approach from a positive whole-life mentality.

Kyle hung around for quite sometime afterwards, answering individual questions and topics. Thank you @kyleglickman for keeping it real! We loved having you at Organic Krush.