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Launch of Our First Ever Recipe Ebook

Dear Krush Friends and Family,

The last few months have definitely taken a toll on everyone’s emotional and physical states. We say enough is enough! We are in charge of our own wellness, feel good story, and all it requires is a bit of knowledge and motivation and you will be 100% looking amazing and feeling incredible in no time at all.

In order to do this, there are three really important pieces to the feel good puzzle:
1 – Your home needs to be stocked with the food (fuel) that contributes to your goals (weight loss / feeling good / higher energy levels / detox)
2 – It helps to have a bunch of simple recipes at your fingertips
3 – You need a plan (we have addressed this in a few other newsletters like this one and this one)

In this newsletter we address bullet points #1 and #2.

  1. Weeks ago we sent out our comprehensive grocery list (attached below if you need another copy!), which enables you to stock your fridge and pantry with nutrient dense, high fiber, delicious foods that become your go-to. The reason we recommend organic groceries is that way you are not ingesting GMOs, pesticides, and toxins when you eat. If you want your body to function at its best for you, you need to give it nourishment that doesn’t weigh your organs down, and make it harder for them to digest your foods.
  2. Our new recipe ebook is our answer to #2! Filled with 50 recipes, it literally organizes your day around organic fruits and vegetables, fiber, and healthy fats. It gives you the recipes that you can create and consume, day after day and night after night!  Chocolate avocado mousse for dessert? It’s in there! Chia puddings and smoothies for breakfast? There are nine coveted smoothie recipes! Simple lunch salads, homemade dressings, veggie stir fries…also included! These are the recipes that rock our worlds every week (at Organic Krush and in our home kitchens) and it feels really exciting to share them with you.

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The key to managing weight and feeling amazing has nothing to do with calorie counting and EVERYTHING to do with your grocery list, your plan, and having some fun in the kitchen. We could literally talk about this topic for hours and hours. Food can be so simple, and so enjoyable, a family affair that helps set everyone up for success.

So here we present to you one of our favorite “products” we’ve ever produced! Our very first recipe ebook that you can download onto your phone or computer and have 50 recipes at your fingertips anytime you need them.

Cheering you on for a healthy and happy kitchen and feel good success! 
Fran – Co-Founder OK, Mom of 4 & Vegan Culinary Specialist
Lena – Organic farmer, Recipe Developer & OK Director of Marketing
Michelle – Co-Founder OK, Mom of 4 & Health Coach

P.S. Shout out to Hallie Schuster for her amazing data entry to make this all possible! 

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