Less Chaotic Dinners Are Here!

Less Chaotic Dinners Are Here!
We’ve shared our Italian roots with you over the years. The roots that instilled our love of food and family, especially around the dinner table. Nothing compares to the comfort that comes from sharing a great meal. Even when chaos is overtaking the house (which is 95% of the time in our homes) the camaraderie of family and discussion of each member’s day is something that calms and warms our hearts.

It’s our home cooking Italian roots that led us to creating ~ with our talented Chef Alejandro ~ all the new summer dinner specials at Organic Krush. All meals are vegetarian, but pair beautifully with our organic proteins, like grass-fed steak, grilled chicken, sustainable salmon or shrimp, falafel and tofu.

Monday, try our Grilled Peach Salad with summery peaches, goat cheese and pistachio nuts topped with the most refreshing dressing; some guests add salmon or shrimp!

Tuesday, our Cauliflower Mango Tacos with a light chili sauce have a multi dimensional flavor; every single bite is a palate pleaser! Our grass-fed, grass-finished steak is an excellent addition if you are very hungry. We also have new and improved corn tortillas that crisp well and don’t break apart when eating! 

Wednesday, our Summer Stir-Fry of asparagus, broccoli, sugar snap peas, tomatoes & zucchini with a light lemon olive oil dressing and fresh basil garnish will be the most inspiring dish you eat all summer. Of course, any protein pairs well with a stir-fry. Just let us know what you are in the mood for!

Thursday, stop by for our infamous gluten-free Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Pesto that we launched a couple months ago! Everyone is talking about it because the gnocchi is so delicate and light, paired with the beautiful flavor of the basil pesto. We can’t think of another place where you can dine on gnocchi without the side effects of gluten. We hear from Andy at our Woodbury location that Salmon is the #1 protein paired with this dish, but come by to try it yourself!

Friday is another knockout meal, our Thai Curry Bowl. While we’ve played around with curries over the years, this is hands-down our favorite recipe. It’s the most perfect balance of coconut and curry, light, flavorful and so satiating. Almost every veggie we have in house is in this dish, which gives us a Friday health kick as we head into the weekend! This bowl comes with brown rice, but feel free to switch it up for a different grain, try it in a wrap or even over fresh lettuce. 

Can you tell we are excited about how easily we can serve dinner in our homes? There will still be chaos, but at least there won’t be any dirty dinner dishes! 

Here’s to calm Summer Dinners!
Fran and Michelle 

PS: For weekend brunch, the menu continues to thrill! We have a Skillet Hash with fried eggs, organic bacon and potatoes, and a BBQ Chicken Sandwich that makes its return to our menu after becoming a coveted favorite last summer! 

As Louis at our Amagansett location expresses with each guest he checks out, Buen Provecho, “blessings with each bite”!