Let Krush Cater Your Father’s Day Celebration!

Is it just us or is everyone really excited about celebratory reasons to enjoy Backyard BBQ’s or Beach Hangouts these days? 

Who better to celebrate than Dads?!  We have some pretty incredible Dads who work within Organic Krush, and we asked them what they wanted to do on Father’s Day (Sunday June 21st). Their answers ranged from “Nothing” to “Boating, golfing, hiking, kayaking and playing backyard volleyball with my kids!” Hmm, interesting, none of these Dads mentioned cooking :)! 

Whatever makes a Dad feel extra-relaxed and super-special works for us, but since the Moms always tend to be in charge of food, we thought we’d help make things extra delicious with a touch of summer simplicity. Oh yeah, that reminds us, THAT is exactly the theme we’re going for this year after just having lived through 3 months of quarantine.

Our Father’s Day Catering Menu can be ordered in platters that are re-heatable or just as easy to serve at room temperature. Have you ever tried our Mini Meatballs? They come with a selection of two sauces: Spicy BBQ or Marinara! Our Organic Baked Chicken Wings are so popular during football season, and Father’s Day seems like the perfect day to add them to the appetizer selection! The Buffalo Sauce has a cult following, and the BBQ Sauce is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Order both sauces for a crowd pleasing selection! 

If you do decide to grill, we can set you up with a platter of our new Vegan Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers. They are delicious and can simply be reheated on the grill, stovetop or oven! Our Chicken BBQ Sandwiches are loved by teenagers especially, but just about anyone loves this yummy sandwich! We can pack these for you in a deconstructed style (separate containers of slaw, buns, shredded chicken, sauce) so that guests can assemble as they wish! 

And don’t forget our awesome side salads, we’ve got platters in two sizes: small serves 8-10; large serves 16-20. Our Watermelon Feta Salad is a refreshing combination of watermelon, cucumber, feta, mint & olive oil. Our Street Corn Salad is a summer mix of grilled corn, asparagus, pico de gallo, cilantro & lime, and our Quinoa Caprese Salad consists of quinoa, strawberries, asparagus, mozzarella, basil & balsamic vinaigrette.

Not that Father’s Day is about us Moms…but we love that we can eat lightly and not sabotage our health goals due to an indulgent backyard celebration. We actually have started to show up at friend’s houses with these platters of side salads so we can nonchalantly state that we couldn’t show up empty-handed :). Meanwhile there are some selfish goals of making sure there are light options that allow us to stay on track!

Still aren’t convinced yet? As a loyal customer once said to us: “Whether it’s a sit down dinner with adults, super bowl Sunday, or family dinner, Organic Krush has all I need. I know the people around my table are eating the most delicious healthy food. I don’t need to call anyone else! We have a major Krush on Krush!”

To the Wonderful Dad’s of the World, we wish you the happiest and best (and most Organic) of Father’s Days!

Fran and Michelle

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