Mushrooms in My Coffee

For me, everyday is always about all the little choices I can add to my diet / life that add up to majorly feeling good!  In the last couple of years, I have started adding a teaspoon of ground up mushroom powder to my morning cup of coffee; it has an earthy, almost chocolate-y flavor.

Why Mushrooms? The immune boosting, disease-fighting powers of mushrooms are considered magical by many of us in the healthy food industry; I think because mushrooms grow in dark, secretive places they acquire knowledge and strength, which then translates to our bodies as we drink and eat them;

I currently have two brands of mushroom that make this mushroom addition easy to follow;  Vimergy is a smooth chaga mushroom (and also has other incredible life impacting powders and boosters) and Four Sigmatic makes these great little packets that are so easy to carry with me; some of the powders already have coffee in them, but I always just add the different packets right to my own homemade cup of coffee;

In the past two years of doing this, I have been sick only once (a brief virus for 36 hours); I’m not sure I can only attribute this to mushrooms, as I tend to stay very well hydrated and nourished in general, but I believe mushrooms have played a significant role in keeping me healthy!

Happy tripping :); please let me know if you have other mushroom brands that work well for you!