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What National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Means for Organic Krush

We wanted to take a minute to highlight an incredible breast cancer support group called PinkAid, with whom we have partnered, to assist in the beautiful mission they have embraced…compassion until there’s a cure. For the last 5 years we have participated with this group as they have led the way in assisting women as they journey through their cancer diagnosis and recoveries. 

Why would a restaurant get involved in an organization centered on cancer care? That’s easy to explain. It seems on a daily basis we are all impacted by someone we know and love whom is going though cancer. Some of our hardest days in business have been when a beloved customer shares with us they are diagnosed with cancer and launching down a road to fight it. With them, we have shared books, stories, doctor references, and tears as we journeyed alongside those customers. We have each lost a close friend to cancer, and we have each cared for loved ones whom have been affected.  

To explain even further, when we decided to open a 100% organic restaurant, we didn’t do it because organic was a trendy buzz word. We did it because we had read the research and seen the stats. There were too many things we didn’t approve of that were happening in the world of growing food. Pesticides and GMOs are burdens to the body, they harm our cells and they lower our immune response. As daughters and mothers, we would not participate in a food industry that harmed. We would do it our way, the way we knew created the least amount of hurt to the world.  

The research continues to be astounding when it comes to eating certain foods like mushrooms and garlic, avoiding things like processed sugars and processed foods. You can be sure that we read it all, making sure that Organic Krush stays on track to deliver – FOREVER – the quality of food that heals and nourishes. And along with that food, we will stand by our partners like PinkAid, offering compassion and support for everyone’s unique journeys to health. 

With Compassion and Love,
Fran and Michelle 

PS: Photos are from last year at another special event we participate in with Got Checked, a cancer prevention group started by two of our life long friends. At their annual pumpkin decorating sale we sampled life-boosting wellness shots and helped raise funds for awareness. 

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