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Palentines Day

In the midst of this pandemic, many of us have spent less time with friends and more time with partners. This has been both wonderful and at times a little lonely, at least in this house. My husband works 5 days a week, while I stay home and care for our 14 month old son. We have bath times together and family dinners, but it can be lonely. This has made video calls with friends and family literal lifelines in my house.

We are lucky to be living in a time where video conversations are easily accessible and convenient. We can connect with loved ones visibly on our phones, computers, tablets and smart devices. While many are on conference calls for work for long stretches of the day, it can be nice to take a break with a quick pal chat to destress and speak candidly.

This Valentines day, virtually cook a meal with a friend, friends or family.  Studies have shown that cooking can decrease anxiety, improve psychological well-being and better your quality of life.  Food has also always been a wonderful way to share comfort and good conversation with the people you love, and what is Valentines Day all about if not love?  Clearly food is a staple of the Organic Krush family.  This is true of most given families, and with our chosen families, friends.

So make a date with someone you love.  Share some laughs over an over bubbled pot or a burnt vegetable.  Experience the same flavors with differing opinions.  With so many cooking shows, an exponential amount of online recipes and cooking videos, meal kits and an agreed upon form of video communication, you can cook alongside anyone you’d like.

This past year was tough on everyone in varying ways.  This Valentines Day calls for a home cooked meal and lots of laughter.  Grab a nice bottle of wine, make a signature cocktail or mocktail, and get your kitchen ready. Share love and food and everything that’s good to really make the holiday special.

by Catie Zimmerman

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