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Partners in Feeding Families in Need

Being in the food business, gives us a pulse on what is happening in our communities at all times, all around us. Whether it be our awesome crew or friendly guests, there is so much chatter and buzz throughout the day that we learn of many important happenings.

It was brought to our attention that a special pair of moms in our Connecticut neighborhood started a philanthropic business right around the time that we launched Organic Krush. Filling in the Blanks was started by Shawnee Knight and Tina Kramer who saw a need 7 years ago for children who were not getting enough food on the weekends. In their living rooms, they built a philanthropic “kitchen” and charity that would alleviate that problem, and began to offer weekend backpacks to school children, now serving as many as 3,500 students throughout Connecticut and NY.

When moms notice a need, and set their mind to it, there’s no stopping us!!! Helping get food to food insecure communities is extremely important to us. It’s unacceptable that there are children who go to bed hungry, or suffer from a lack of nutrients to power them through their school day. We are touched and honored to support Filling in the Blanks, and we will work hard within our Krush communities to help their organization carry on with their incredible mission. In our stores, on our app and online ordering, our guests can now purchase $20 gift cards that will be given to families in need so they can bring home their own trays of family dinner (BBQ Salmon, yum!) or delicious breakfast wraps to fuel the morning!

When communities care for each other, we all boost each other up. It’s so amazing to work as a team to accomplish something that one can not do alone. Let us all help families get the meals they need into the bellies of their children.

This is just the beginning of a really powerful partnership. These two moms, our crew members, and a huge Krush audience are ready to step up and show our love and financial support for many more special moms and families in the world.

Join us in purchasing $20 gift cards that feed children in our neighborhoods.

With much gratitude and awareness,
Fran and Michelle

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