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Popsicles & Popcorn (and more!) for Pop!

This never gets old to us, creating specials for the people we adore! All of our Krush locations are open for regular Sunday hours, 9am-4pm. Stop by anytime of day to treat your dad (or hubby) to some amazing, delicious, organic goodness!

Our new line of Summer Popsicles are 100% organic, refreshing, hydrating & delicious flavor combos! The Berry Basil is strawberry, blueberry & fresh basil with coconut water ~ Lightly sweet, & garden fresh. The Pina Colada is filled with banana, pineapple, coconut milk & coconut shreds ~ It tastes like the tropics! The Pineapple Ginger are made with pineapple, strawberry, apple juice & cold pressed ginger ~ An afternoon treat with a touch of immune boosting wellness!

Also available are our new line of Summer Popcorns ~ 100% organic, wildly unique flavors, an amazing snack or dessert! Our Churro flavor is made with coconut oil, coconut sugar, cinnamon, vanilla & sea salt ~ Perfect amount of sweetness! The Smoky Spirulina is a mix of smoked paprika, spirulina, onion & garlic powder, sea salt & nutritional yeast ~ A sophisticated flavor with eye and brain health benefits from spirulina! The Coconut Curry has shredded coconut, curry powder, coconut oil & sea salt ~ The winning flavor amongst our staff; sweet and savory!

Trifecta Brunch Special! 2 of our famous pancakes, 2 strips of organic bacon, 2 fried eggs…this is how we indulge and exactly the brunch treat to spoil dad! Hopefully you’ll join us on our patios (did you know you can call ahead and reserve a table at most of our locations?!) 

We’re also bringing back the crowd favorite BBQ Chicken Sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries! You may already have had this special and if so you know exactly why we brought it back for Father’s Day. Wether you want a platter of these from our catering menu or sandwich just for dad, this is the one that will put a giant smile on everyone’s face. The BBQ sauce is homemade perfection, and those fries are perfectly crisped. Our rolls are gluten free so just about anyone can enjoy! 

We love the Nutty Buddy Smoothie, we’re not sure if it’s the peanut butter or the vanilla vegan protein powder, but this smoothie never disappoints! Try it with almond butter for a fun twist…and definitely give your smoothie barista compliments for those peanut butter swirls that beautify your cup!  

Can’t wait to see you all for Sunday Brunch or afternoon snacks!

Cheers to the dad’s that always devote their time and love to their families! We are exceptionally lucky to be married to two of the best…husbands and dads who unconditionally support family, great food and wives who don’t always have time anymore to spoil them with home cooked meals :). We are especially psyched to spoil them with these Father’s Day treats. 

Fran and Michelle 

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