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Readying Our Dining Rooms and Patios For Reopen

As serious as these times are, we wanted to share our enthusiasm for all the measures we are taking to prepare to reopen our dining rooms and patios. Included in our newsletter this week is a video from our Chief Operating Officer, Alex Berentzen. His 2 minute video contains a lot of optimism, which we find contagious (in a good way!) amongst our team members. His detailed planning will aid our company in opening safely and effectively for both our loyal guests and our hard working crew.

We are investing in many measures to keep ourselves, our crew and our guests safe and virus-free. To highlight: We have purchased touch free credit card processing machines (yeah Apple Pay!), we have installed plexiglass screens at the cashier stations, as well as air purifiers to keep a constant flow of fresh air circulating throughout the restaurants.

We have set up our tables-both the inside dining room and the outside patios-to be socially distanced, and give guests space while they dine. We will also be taking 1 hour reservations, to allow our guests to come with their families and enjoy a guaranteed place to sit upon arrival (call your local Krush to reserve).

Our employees are everything to us, and as a company we have been able to stay healthy and strong during the last 8 weeks. We have provided hazard pay (hourly raises to all), sick pay, paid family leave and coaching as to how to access resources for physical and mental well-being. We will continue to provide fresh masks, gloves, wellness instruction, free meals and a cold press shot every day. Every hour, at each store, our crew performs sanitation line drills (when you hear the loud buzzer go off you’ll know!) to keep cleanliness first and foremost in our day.

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, we are in the business of serving organic food and juice…with a whole lot of love. We can not wait to be back to the guests in our dining rooms and hanging out under our turquoise umbrellas! We are here to serve and we are doing everything in our power to re-open safely and securely for you and us!

We do have an ask of you, our loyal guests: please share this newsletter sign up link here with your family and friends. We have some surprises in store for the next few weeks and summer months and we look forward to sharing with our communities.

Towards great health,
Michelle Walrath
Co-Founder / CEO

Hear from Alex, our COO & President about
The Steps Organic Krush is Taking to Safely Reopen