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Rebecca Heiberg Interview

I met Rebecca Heiberg nearly 10 years ago, at the Equinox in Woodbury. She was working the floor of the gym and I was immediately drawn to her. She is a ball of positive energy and a motivating force to anyone around her. I asked if she would work with me on getting stronger and more fit. 10 years later, we still workout 2x / week and our sessions are filled with physical intensity, but even more than that.. she’s an  inspiration to me to lead a full, challenging, nourishing life through both food and nature;  Rebecca made some time for me to interview her. read on for some great health coaching! 

Q: 1- Tell me about a typical day in the life of YOU
A: A typical day in the life of me is a thought out and well planned day which starts at 5 am and usually ends by 7 pm. I see approximately 6-10 clients a day as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. I spend most of my free time doing something active and reading about health and nutrition which has become quite a passion for me. Ultimately, I crave happiness and FUN so I go throughout my day with tenacity and energy and strive to learn something new each day and create an adventure that grounds me to this special planet that we live on. 
Things you might see me do in my free time:
1.) Put on my boxing gloves and punch things! My boyfriend is my trainer and we always say what great couples therapy it is to spar one another! 
2.) Run…whether participating in a local race or hitting the many parks and trails we have. 
3.) Dance…..all the time, anywhere I go, you may catch me twerk randomly….it’s a weird involuntary muscle reaction 😉
4.) Hike…love to explore the outdoors and climb to the highest peaks. This is something that my soul needs.  
5.) Paddleboard,kayak, and boating in the warmer months!
Q: Where are you on your food journey?
Well, that is a great question. This is the first time in my life that I feel like I have control over my body and what happens to it. For so many years I suffered, like so many others, with chronic symptoms that were misdiagnosed and never fixed. It only got worse for me and the prescriptions and pills kept increasing but nothing seemed to be helping at all. I was getting worse! There was no cure, there was no end in sight but there was one thing that gave me hope and that was to focus on my diet and everything that I put in the mouth. It was overwhelming at first. One book would say one thing, the next popular fad diet claimed another. Theory after theory negated one another. Until I finally found what was right for me. I eat small meals frequently throughout the day (to not overwhelm and stress the organs), plant-based and as close to being picked from the farm that I can get (to salvage as many nutrients as possible), and elimination of what I believe to be toxic and inflammatory to the body (like gluten, processed foods and sugar, and dairy). I believe that food is our medicine and finding the path that is right for your body is possible with some trial and error. It is not simple, it did not happen overnight, and I continue to learn and adjust and listen to my body. RULE OF THUMB: No 2 people are alike. There is not 1 perfect diet for the masses!
3. Q: What inspires you daily?
A: For me, it is as simple as how good I feel in the morning. Each and every morning I wake up, put two feet on the ground and spring out of bed with just as much energy as the day before. It is a gift. My health is everything to me. The need to feel energetic, have clear skin and eyes, to rarely getting sick, to think clearly, to have no symptoms that drag or slow me down is what inspires me. Then, to share this knowledge with my clients and friends and family and watch their journey to a healthier well being is possibly the most meaningful to me. If I can’t help others then the knowledge I have is meaningless. 
4. Q: Favorite health book that you are currently reading?
A: I might be the most excited about this question. I have found most of my staple eating habits and best results from Anthony William’s and his latest book Medical Medium: Liver Rescue. The information in his books is unlike anything that I have read before and the way I feel after following his guidelines has honestly changed my life. Things that I thought could never get better have been resolved. Even seasonal allergies! I highly recommend it and encourage the reader. 
I also think it is important to view many opinions and theories. Here are a few others I enjoyed and feel are important to read and explore.
  1. Dr.Gundry’s: The Plant Paradox
  2. Dr. Mark Hyman: Eat Fat Get Thin Or The 10 Day Detox
  3. Michael Pollan: The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food
  4. Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now
5. Q. What is your preferred Motivational Quote?
It is that simple. One life, with many chances, so don’t stop until you get what you want!