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These changes will make a difference immediately


We received a review last week that absolutely made our day. It reads, “both the food and service were exceptional! My daughter is immunocompromised so it is difficult for us to find places we can both eat. This place has the most delicious baked goods and I had a create your own salmon bowl that was absolutely delicious, and smoothies that were amazing. I’m so happy.”

There are no words to describe how we feel knowing that we created a safe, happy place for people to fuel their bodies. It’s the most energizing, rewarding, deeply soul-satisfying part of being in business!

We have felt this way since the day we opened our doors. We are the go-to place for people who have a hard time eating out. We chose organics as our #1 priority in business, because it guarantees a quality of food that helps people feel amazing. It’s food that doesn’t hurt. Food that heals. Food that doesn’t have fake food dyes, preservatives, toxins or chemicals, burdens that are tipping people daily into a land of compromised health. Real food. Our doors opened 7 years ago this week.

If you feel healthy, maintain your health through food. If you want to feel healthy, take this as your sign to step in the right direction, today. Now. The next thing you eat or drink should lighten the burden on your body. Make a choice now to consume less of the ingredients that pull you down. Allow food to be the fuel that lifts you up.

The beautiful part of committing to a clean diet today is that the change it brings about starts to happen immediately.
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Your cells begin to turnover, the toxins start to leave your body (especially if you remove them from your home, too), your body burden begins to diminish, little by little, leaving you feeling amazing, with space for happiness.

Our promise to you is that in our restaurants, we will always and forever work towards the cleanest, healthiest, most amazing food that makes you feel happy.  For us, since day one, that’s been our greatest joy.

With Love,

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