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Spring Foods We’re Krushing On

It’s finally spring! Bursting, bouncing, leaping, launching, releasing…lettuces popping out of garden beds and strawberries bursting forth at the farms; bright lemons squeezed into refreshing patio drinks and grilling asparagus to crisp perfection. Can you tell we get excited about spring?! One of the many special things about being in the restaurant business is that we are constantly creating and crafting new dishes and menus. Our chefs never stop inventing! Join us in this newsletter as we explore the benefits of spring foods, and visit us at our restaurants, now open through dinner hour (7pm)!

Arugula / Romaine / Spinach

After a long winter of comfort foods, we crave bountiful salads filled to the brim with lettuces of all sorts! Seasonally, the liver functions best when it’s put through a proper cleanse that is filled with dark leafy greens and fiber. We can guide you through our 3 day vegan meal plan, or at the very least, make sure to start incorporating many organic salad greens into your day. Arugula supports liver health and has anti aging properties; it’s also quite delicious stir-fried! Romaine is high in vitamin A (critical in strengthening your immune system) and supports strong hair, nail and skin. Spinach is known as a powerhouse, but DYK that you can throw it in a smoothie (our Green Dream is off the charts), drink it daily in any organic green juice, or sauté it for a breakfast hash? If you start to imagine each of your meals bursting with organic salad greens, you will notice an immediate effect on your health. We mention organic because lettuces tend to be highly sprayed with pesticides and absorb so much of what they are exposed to. We highly recommend not burdening your system with these pesticides.


Have you ever grown asparagus in your garden bed? It’s such a beautiful crop! It takes a few years to establish itself and then around year three, it becomes this bountiful garden offering. You can watch it by the day, peek through the earth and then grow taller and taller with each passing night. When it’s ready, it will be about 8 inches high, you chop it at the base and you will have the lightest most delectable asparagus you’ve ever tasted. It’s the most appropriate spring vegetable because it’s capable of cell repair as well as acting like a diuretic, helping shed those few extra pounds from winter, as well as lightening our toxic burden!


These bright vitamin C packages are nature’s gift to us at any time of year, but in spring especially they are known to boost blood flow, clean out the digestive tract, and aid in strengthening our immune system. Warm lemon water tea, green juices with lemon, homemade lemon bubbly water for your evening mocktail, freshly squeezed over Avocado Toast or your Spring Salad…the possibilities are endless. We recommend keeping a beautiful bowl of lemons on your countertop and using them throughout the day.

Suga Snap Peas

Almost every spring dish we offer this season will incorporate sugar snap peas, (another really fun crop to grow!) which are high in collagen, and known to strengthen hair, nails and skin! Our weekend Skillet Breakfast Hash, our new Friday Thai Curry Bowl, or our new Wednesday Summer Stir Fry…these dishes are bursting with flavor and health benefits; at home try sautéing for dinner or adding to all your salads!


A spring strawberry is the sweetest most rewarding flavor, making for an amazing salad addition or the healthiest of desserts. Organic matters greatly in your berry selection, as strawberries are delicate and absorb everything that is sprayed on them. Strawberries, with that bright red flavor, are great for your heart and great for your immune system, fighting free radicals, and offering a huge dose of vitamin C. We love them in our Berry Bliss and St Barths smoothies, as well as topping our sugar free Acai Bowls and Steel Cut Oats for breakfast!

Organic Krush began offering a weekly grocery delivery service a few weeks ago, to help our business weather this challenging time AND to create access for our customers to immune-strengthening, organic produce! A weekly delivery of Krush groceries ensures your countertops will be as full as our restaurants with foods that nourish and heal and set you up for a spring season that will have you bursting, leaping, and bouncing with great health.

Fran and Michelle