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Spring Wellness and Self-Care Through Food!

I’m writing this newsletter at the perfect time in my week. I’m finishing Day 3 of our Spring Vegan Cleanse, and life feels a whole lot clearer and more stable. Crazy right? How could food create a change in emotional wellness? It’s a story I am so attached to: food plays a giant part in how you feel, how you behave and ultimately, how you thrive on a daily basis.

Our relationship to food works both ways: good and bad. It’s been proven in scientific lab experiments that rats are more addicted to sugar water than they are to cocaine. Fast food companies and processed food corporations have used that research to their advantage, recklessly adding copious amounts of sugar to beverages, salad dressings, ketchup and so much more. Addiction to sugar is real, and it takes a lot of effort to combat those unhealthy choices. The good news, though, is that healthy foods are also addicting. Once you practice an existence without high sugar and high salt processed foods, your gut and brain start to heal and you crave foods that are nutrient dense and healing. Dr Mark Hyman shares a lot of information about nutrient density and we are giant fans of his work.

Which brings me back to my 3 day cleanse experience. Dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, meat-free, alcohol-free REPLACED by vegetable-full, lemon-full, nutrient-full, hydration-full for 3 whole days!!!

With a little bit of planning and commitment these 3 days of practicing light eating are a mental and physical game changer. A few weeks ago we shared a newsletter that taught you how to do the cleanse on your own at home. Today, we share what a 3 day vegan meal plan cleanse looks like from Organic Krush.

Heard on the street!

“I just finished my 3 day Vegan Cleanse. I absolutely loved it. I haven’t felt this great in 5 years.” ~ Jason

“The immunity shots, juices, and the food were all delicious! Loved everything. Also, loved that I didn’t have to shop, chop or cook anything.” ~ Shannon

“Loved how it’s all planned out and I don’t have to think about anything!” ~ Annie

“Not having to do my usual meal prep these 3 days was an extra treat! “ ~ Kristin

“Feels good to eat healthy without much thought especially with little kids I don’t have time for myself” ~ Amanda

It’s a privilege to eat organic, delicious food. What a gift to be able to eat and feel well. Maybe it’s baby steps, maybe it’s a giant leap, but any way you choose to embrace clean food, we are cheering you on! 


Please consider sharing this BLOG post with friends and family! We believe strongly in a person’s abilities to take charge of their health and we enjoy sharing what we know! Small steps now lead to lifetime of wellness forever.