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Team Bone Broth or Soup?

We’re raising our hands for everything that keeps us warm & nourished!

When it reaches this point of the autumn to winter transition, you will find us with a warm cup in our hands, almost all of the time! Whether it be a hot tea, steaming bone broth, or comforting soup, the warmth generated from one of these cups is just about the only way to get through these cold months!

For many people, bone broth has become an essential tool in their healing journey; filled with collagen and minerals, bone broth is really just a chicken stock that has simmered on the stove for 12+ hours therefore breaking down the healing benefits hidden within the bones. This collagen lines our guts and offers much needed soothing from stress and an over burdened digestive system.

Our kitchen smells so rich when this broth is stewing away…like the smells of childhood and grandma working around the stove. Try sipping a cup late morning or afternoon, and feel the comfort that we feel with this nourishing, gently flavored broth. We add fresh herbs and ginger for an immune boosting treasure.

Not to be missed are the Broth Bowl menu offerings that combine bone broth with a special combination of healthy ingredients. The Steak Broth Bowl, the Vegan Broth Bowl (made with veggie stock) and the Chicken Broth Bowl are the most delectable dishes, often as a dinner meal for our families.

Our soups have a special place in our day too. The majority of our soups are vegan, offering an abundance of veggies that have been caramelized, roasted, sautéed and then pureed. Our Powerful Greens soup is a crowd favorite, somehow creamy but without the cream (you can email us if you want the secret ingredient!). Our Beet Soup is energizing and hefty in its nutrient supply and our Veggie Lentil Soup satisfies with its dose of protein and its dash of cumin. We often pair one of these soups with a Quinoa Veggie Burger, which makes for a really feel-good lunch! 

C’mon by and tell us what you think about our warm winter selections! Soups are rotated throughout the week, but bone broth is available daily. 

To warmth,
Fran, Michelle & The OK Crew  

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