The Benefits of Organic Coffee

20 years ago, When I first learned the concept of body burden–the amount of toxic load that is weighing you down–I felt empowered immediately to start improving the health of myself and my husband and kids. The most rewarding way to tackle your body burden is to choose the foods and beverages you consume the most of, and swap them out to be organic. In our home, one of the very first swaps was coffee and tea. Coffee and tea are two of the most highly sprayed (with pesticides) crops in the world. And since we consume those beverages every day it was really important to me that we not drink pesticides on a daily basis.

Why would coffee and tea be sprayed with so many pesticides?

This is a very unregulated industry. According to Purity Coffee, the US government does not have maximum residue limits (MRLs) for the amount of pesticides used on coffee beans. Coffee beans and tea leaves grow in environments that tend to be moist and wet; pesticides are used to control bug and pest invasions, but this means that if you drink conventional coffee you are also ingesting the pesticides. There is some argument that the pesticides burns off during roasting but I personally would never take the chance. Here’s an insightful read about what’s happening in the coffee industry.


What can YOU do!
A lot!

  1. SHOP ORGANIC! There are so many organic coffee and teas on the market. Commit to purchasing from those companies. Organic Krush carries a whole bean for retail and we only serve the Organic beans from ForFiveCoffee.
  2. ENGAGE! Stay involved in the organic movement. While it’s a very personal choice to purchase organics, you will feel great knowing that you are not harming the earth or the farm workers when you choose to spend your money on organic coffee. This is one of my favorite organic newsletters which educates me regularly on what is happening in organic world:
  3. SPEAK UP! When you visit a coffee shop, Starbucks, or restaurants, ask if they serve organic coffee, and if they do not, ask them to consider it. The price is a bit higher for a restaurant to absorb but the benefits to the customer are tremendous. If they earn your loyalty, write them a great Yelp review!

I LOVE coffee and I am committed to educating and sharing everything I have learned over the years so that we can all have our favorite drinks yet not load our bodies with too many toxins. A high toxic load leads to sickness and disease and I want to fight that every bit that I can. Pesticides are such a terrifying thing to me. When I don’t have control of the food my family is eating I get very anxious. I can’t help but envision the pesticides and toxins traveling through their gut and damaging their cells. Sometimes it’s unavoidable to eat or drink non-organic but WHENEVER possible please consider avoiding poisons: it will set you and your family up for great health success.


  • 2 frozen banana halves
  • 6.oz coffee
  • 2.oz almond mylk (or other nut mylk)
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 1 cup ice