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The Magic of Celery Juice

A few years ago, I started to read about the incredible benefits of celery juice; (Medical Medium) at first it seemed unbelievable that such a simple vegetable could be so effective at healing so many different ailments; and then, at Organic Krush, we started to hear more and more testimonials from people as to how their indigestion was healed, their tummies calmed, their energy improved, glowing skin, and even lab measures, such as blood pressure being lowered;

According to one of our favorite health gurus, Anthony Williams (Medical Medium) celery juice contains compounds called coumarins which are known to enhance the activity of certain white blood cells (yeah IMMUNE SUPPORT) and support the vascular system. (YEAH HEART HEALTH)!!  Celery juice is alkalizing, meaning it positively affects the pH balance of your gut, therefore immediately  improving digestion; when your digestive tract is “on track” your skin clears up, you get brighter, lighter (weight loss and glowing skin) and more energized; celery juice encourages your body to behave its best… and when your body behaves, your mind is freed up to think clearly and brilliantly!

It is SO simple to incorporate celery juice into your diet; you can either purchase it daily ($6 at our stores) or get yourself organized to make it at home each morning;

My preferred home juicer is called the Hurom Elite Juicer; it is a slow press (masticating) juice machine; it’s a nice countertop size and manageable to set up and take apart; if you decide to purchase it, let me know and I will give you some ease – of -use ideas for how to make it super simple to use and clean; (cleaning a home juicer is always everyone’s pet peeve )

Here’s the simple way to get going with your at home daily 16 oz of celery juice; 16 oz is produced by juicing an entire head of celery.

Step 1: To make things efficient, Purchase a week’s worth of organic celery (7 heads); Organic is so important when juicing because you are condensing the fruit and vegetable down to its powerful nutrient load; (there is NO reason to ever condense  and then drink pesticides and chemicals !!!)

Step 2: Before going to bed, wash and cut up the celery into 2-inch chunks; include the leaves; store in a container in the fridge.

Step 3: Upon waking up, drink your two cups of room temperature filtered water, and then make this celery juice the first “food” you consume;

Step 4: Drink 16 oz of celery juice on empty stomach; wait 30 minutes until coffee or breakfast or anything else goes into your system; the celery juice will be coursing through your veins, powering your body, energizing your brain, lightening your toxic load (it pulls chemicals straight from your bloodstream and excretes them)

Similarly to everything else I write about on this blog, this is a simple step along the health journey that has a massive impact; Each time you do something healthy for yourself, it triggers the next healthy step. It’s so much easier to make smart health decisions when you start your day with small, yet powerful, healthy decisions;

Cheers to healthy celery juice, Always here to chat,