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Tribe Vibe

Have you ever just walked into a space and felt a positive or negative vibe?  Or maybe you can remember a social situation that immediately felt inviting?  I have always felt a strong connection with my intuition and so much of it is guided by energy.  The energy of the people I surround myself with, the energy of the spaces I inhabit most frequently, and most importantly making sure that the energy I bring to a situation is not merely a mirror of its participants.  It’s taken years of work and self awareness to understand what really inspires me, and it’s a daily battle to keep that motivation alive.

Lucky for me, the tribe of miscreants I’ve collected over the years is a tribe of passionate do-gooders.  This has allowed me to try various things without fear of judgement or rejection from my most important social circle.  Surrounding yourself with people who truly and unconditionally love you is one of the greatest measures of self-care you can enact for yourself.  It can be even more fulfilling to surround yourself with people whose beliefs don’t fully align with your own.  People who challenge you to think outside your own box, and who accept how fully messy that ride can be.  

One of my all time best friends exemplifies that for me.  We were raised in very different circumstances, we sought careers that did not even run parallel to each other, and we’ve gone after love in styles that suit our hearts as individuals.  We’ve also been there for one another with an almost nauseating loyalty, whether we agreed with the others’ decision or not.  It’s a forever friendship that has brought so much everything into my life that I cannot eloquently express it all.  

That feeling of energy in everything is one we’ve always shared. Definitely a connector in our bond.  Though I often seek my answers in the stars as a truly emotional pisces, Betty has always sought hers in space.  Not the space my stars exist in, the spaces we inhabit as people.  She’s taught me about energy in a way that I’ve experienced changes.  It can be difficult to quantify because much of it is feeling.  I’ve felt closed off spaces open up, darker spots brighten, and relationships soften.  As a writer, I’ve experienced creativity flow more freely and self judgement lighten up.  Betty is trained in classical Feng Shui, and her insight is enlightening and I am lucky.  

Sometimes shifting perspective can be everything.  Taking someone else’s view and seeing things through their eyes can deepen our understanding of the world around us.  Expanding on my already existent thoughts about energy has allowed for some real positive changes in my life.  Knowing that someone loves me enough to explain an entirely new subject to me and put up with my nonsensical questions, gives me an immense feeling of well-being and just makes me happy.  What’s your tribes’ vibe?  

by Catie Zimmerman

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